CCleaner 5 Review: Remove PC junk files and clear disk space in Windows 10

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  1. I have used CCleaner since the beginning and I’ve found it one of the best cleaning apps out there (though I don’t clean the registry as this can cause more problems than it’s worth.)

    For getting rid of junk, it’s simply fantastic, and you can add folders or locations without the need for add-ons.

    This is one application that I always recommend, and probably always will.

  2. Ccleaner is probably the industry standard when speaking of junk cleaners. This the new Version 5.00.5050 is no exception except for one thing. The new GUI (face-lift) is awful. Flat as a pancake, colors are very pale with low gradients. I personally don’t like the new looks.

  3. In the olden days this was called crap cleaner and that’s exactly what this program does – clean out the CRAP from your computer! One of the features that I particularly like is the clean Tray Notifications Cache, which is able to reset the icons on your task-bar customization panel. CCleaner’s registry cleaner is the only one that I use, especially after uninstalling a program. As for the new looks, very bland but as long as it does it’s job CCleaner will always be a keeper for me.

  4. Been using CCleaner for a while. Great app in cleaning as well as in fixing registry issues. I have tried it’s duplicate finder tool too, I also have a great software for Dupe Files. Check this out too guys “Duplicate Files Deleter”.

  5. I’ve had CCleaner for quite some time now but am just now finding out how useful it can be. I’m currently doing a wipe on the free space of my C drive. I’m very pleased with this app. Thank you so much for providing it.

  6. Junk files are those files that have no real use to any user, and it is recommended to delete all junk
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  7. Nice! I’ll be adding this on my list. I also use DuplicateFilesDeleter,

    which is super effective.

  8. A lot of people are rating korjam cleaner more than any other junk cleaning software. Has anyone used it? Please tell.

  9. it dsnt work..after completion of cleaning..once you chesk %temp% files and prefetch files…soooo its not working properly..

  10. Actually, It does. Some temp files are in use and won’t be deleted. Also, unless you changed your the settings in CCLeaner, only files older than 24 hours will be deleted (and again, files in use will not be deleted).

    Prefetch works the same way. It’s in use and will be deleted on reboot. A new prefetch file is then automatically created again by Windows.

  11. Is it ok to use the duplicate file finder and delete duplicates? Before I do it, I want to be sure I won’t harm anything.

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