How to find, insert and re-use content using Tap in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook offers the best email experience for all mobile devices. It lets you check your email accounts, calendars, contacts and files without switching between different apps. New and improved features of the app like Tap for Outlook lets you find and use relevant content from within your assignments. You do not have to leave the document or email to get the work done. Since it is a new feature and remain uncovered by us, let’s see how to use this feature for reusing content.

Find & insert content using Tap for Outlook

To insert and re-use content using Tap in Outlook, open the Outlook app. Click the Home tab and from the ‘New group’, select ‘New Email’ option.


Instantly, a new message window will be displayed. Compose your email. Now if you would like to insert any content that you or your team had earlier used in your email, choose Insert tab, select Document Item.

Tap in Outlook

The Tap feature in Outlook will initiate a search and recommend personalized content from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint applications and display them under the tap pane. Thereafter, simply select the desired result in the tap pane and choose Adding image/ picture (+) button to insert and re-use content in your email.

If you would like to see specific content, type a keyword in the search box for the content you are looking for and hit Enter key. The Tap pane will return with results relevant to your search and start displaying them from office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

Tap for Outlook

At the bottom of each document, a small legend will be displayed in the Tap pane. It actually represents the number of objects, pictures, SmartArts, tables, charts, or slides that are present in each document.

Here, click the three dots for taking one of the following action.

  • Open in application – It opens the selected document in the application, such as PowerPoint, Excel, and ‘Word’.
  • View all items – This action displays all the content that can be reused in the selected document in the Tap pane.

You can select any result in the tap pane to view the content in detail for reuse in your working document.

Finally, select (+) Adding image/ picture on any smart art, object, picture, graph, chart, table or slide to add it to your email.

That’s it!

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