5 File and Folder Synchronization Freeware for Windows 10


  1. AllwaySync will sync your non modified but last accessed files. For example, if you play songs from your MP3 collection, the next time AllwaySync is used it will sync the played MP3’s. Although the MP3’s weren’t changed it will still sync them taking a lot of time and resources. Not good. Limitations for personal use is also a factor to consider.

  2. Try another free portable file copier software Exshail CopyCare from below site. Main feature is Preview list of files before copying with seven options below.

    1. “Source > Target – Copy Files New and changed from Source”
    2. “Source > Target – Copy Files New From Source”
    3. “Source > Target – Copy Files Changed from Source”
    4. “Target > Source – Copy Files Changed from Target”
    5. “Target Source Copy Files having Size Difference”
    6. “Delete Files Orphan from Target”
    7. “Source = Target – Copy Exact to Target – Overwrite All (Delete Orphans from Target)”


  3. I am in need of a program that will move files from one directory to another drives directory at a scheduled time every day (i.e., after work). This would be a one way move based upon a schedule. Is there anything you could suggest?

  4. best copy software ive ever used on windows is RichCopy by microsoft – it has support for multiple threads for copy/index and about everything else and various rules – so a copy/sync/backup that would take weeks or more on a single or even dual threaded backup tool, would only take one or two days on this – this is the best freeware ive ever used for backups on windows, especially if doing backups with CIFS/Samba over a network w/ a bonded(LACP) link – it has granular control of everything from buffers from what to copy or not to copy and file properties to keep or remove – it also has a timer system and i can also be setup like so from a scheduled task, RichCopy.exe so you can run it as often however you want URL for RichCopy: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/2009.04.utilityspotlight.aspx

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