Compare and Synchronize files and folders with FreeFileSync


  1. Jumping in late but in case anyone is curious about FreeFileSync… I’ve been using this for the last two years or so… after having used SyncToy earlier. I was a fan of SyncToy, but FFS is better in several ways:

    1. More configurable.
    2. Significantly faster.
    3. Utilizes shadow copying.

    SyncToy requires users to close pertinent apps first before the corresponding data could be copied / synced. With FFS, you can leave your Office or Quicken files open — and they will still be copied / synced.

  2. Thanks for sharing this information on your sites. This software is really useful for compare and synchronize files but i am using Synkronizer Excel Tool because this is also a free version Tool and compare files quickly.

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