BestSync: Free file synchronization software for Windows 10/8/7

BestSync is a free File and FTP syncing software that lets you sync your files between two different online oroffline folders. It helps you in maintaining and updating two different folders simultaneously. It can be used for Website FTP synchronization, camera photographs synchronization and any other kind of synchronization you want to perform.  This feature filled programs is free of cost but a paid upgrade option is also available.

BestSync Review

When you run BestSync for the first time, a new window will pop out and ask you to choose two different folders that you want to sync. The two different folders are named as ‘Folder 1’ and ‘Folder 2’. Folder 1 is normally the local offline folder which is updated frequently and needs to be synchronized with the other folder. Folder 2 is normally the online folder such as FTP, FTPS, FTPES, Google Storage and etc.

In the field for Folder 1 field you can choose between a local folder, Outlook and Windows Mail. And in the Folder 2 field you can choose between local File Folder, FTP, FTPS, FTPES, Zip File, ZFTP, Amazon S3, Google Storage, WebDAV. The most interesting feature that I discovered was the synchronization support for Google Storage and Amazon S3.

Free File & FTP synchronization software

You can even choose directions of data transfer, for example you only want to download the data from Folder 2 you may choose the One way synchronization from Folder 2 to Folder 1’ option or if you want to only upload to the Folder 2 you may choose the ‘One way synchronization from Folder 1 to Folder 2’ option. But if you want to download and upload between both the folders and keep the same data on both the folders than you may choose the third and last option that is Two way synchronization.

The software also offers many other features as Auto Shutdown, transfer log, data backup before transfer,  fast scan, download resume support and many more features as can be seen in this image.

The program offers a wide support between different platforms and it lets you easily synchronize two different folders. It is one fine tool to synchronize your data. I use it for synchronizing my camera photos with the Windows Pictures folder frequently.

It can also be used to update your FTP Website, with your local website folder on your PC. BestSync when compared with other Sync utilities proved that it is the only one to offer these useful features.

BestSync Download

BestSync offers local synchronization completely free but for online synchronization, you need to upgrade BestSync after 30 days trial period. You can however continue to use the free version, if you do not wish to upgrade. Click here to download BestSync Free.

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  1. Syncing is VERY serious business; there’s just so, so much that can go wrong. And so I’m always careful about what sync software I even consider, much less actually use… and ESPECIALLY which sync software I recommend.

    I’ve looked at this BestSync before, and right out of the gate I’m bothered by that there’s a free and a commercial edition; and, moreover, what’s not in the free version. When it comes to syncing, one cannot be leaving-out features such as those I notice are not in the freeware version.

    Plus, anytime I’ve ever seen a website which uses the template that BestSync’s site is using, I always think of fly-by-night operators because, frankly, so many of them use that exact same template. It just bothers me, at a visceral level. My instincts tell me to stay away.

    There are many other synchronization tools out there — even freeware ones — that are far better.

    Sorry to be so negative, but it is what it is.

    Hope that helps.

    Gregg L. DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

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