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sync settings in windows 10

How to Sync Settings across devices in Windows 10

Configuring the settings and apps on all your devices is really time-taking and tiresome, this is where the Windows 10 Sync feature comes as a savior. You can sync all your settings and apps across all your Windows devices so […]

SkyShellEx lets you sync any folder with OneDrive

One of the feature, SkyDrive users are looking for is the ability to sync any folder on their Windows 8 PC with SkyDrive – now christened OneDrive. This was one feature they missed after Live Mesh was retired. You can […]

BestSync: Free file synchronization software for Windows 10/8/7

BestSync is a free File and FTP syncing software that lets you sync your files between two different online oroffline folders. It helps you in maintaining and updating two different folders simultaneously. It can be used for Website FTP synchronization, camera photographs […]

How to sync folders using Windows Live Mesh

The Windows Live Mesh and the Devices website allows you to access the stuff on your computers from almost anywhere. Windows Live Sync has now been replaced by the Windows Live Mesh 2011, earlier known as Live Mesh beta. Sync […]