How to configure files using Windows Sync Center in Windows 10

If you have your Windows 10 computer set up to sync files with a network server, Windows 10 Sync Center will allow you to check the results of your recent sync activity. Its a tool for giving you access to copies of your network files even when your computer isn’t connected to the network.

Sync Center allows you to keep information in sync between your computer and Files stored in folders on network servers. These are called offline files because you can access them even when your computer or the server is not connected to the network. For more information, see Working with network files when you are offline. It allows you to to sync between your PC and certain mobile devices that are compatible with Sync Center.

Configure Files in Windows 10 Sync Center

The first step, a user is required to do for syncing the folders over the network is ‘Enable’ the offline files. For this, press Win+X in combination, chose ‘Control Panel’ from the list of options, type ‘Sync Center’ in the search field and hit ‘Enter’.

Windows 10 Sync Center

Thereafter, click the ‘Manage offline files’ link highlighted in blue in the left column of your computer screen.

Once done, you will see an Offline Files window popping up on your screen. You are switched to ‘General’ tab by default. Here, check if the offline files are enabled or not. If not, click Enable Offline Files and click on OK.

Disable Sync files

When done, your computer will restart. Now, navigate to the Offline Files as per the procedure described above. You will have other tabs available on the Offline Files window.

For configuring files in Windows 10 Sync Center, switch to Disk Usage tabs in ‘Offline Files’ section. It will display you the amount of disk space occupied currently, alongside available space for keeping the offline files on your PC.

Disk Usage

For changing the data limit, click on Change limits buttons. Instantly, an Offline Files Disk Usage Limits window should appear offering 2 options

  1. Offline files
  2. Temporary files.

To fix the required limit, adjust the slider.Use the slider and set your required limit. Then, click OK.

In addition to this, if you would like to provide a layer of security to your offline files, encrypt them.


That’s it!

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  1. Doug Buchan

    How do we change the location of the Offline Files (commonly called Client Side Cache)?

  2. steve

    what version of W10 has the sync center capability?, I use Sync Center on 3 W7 Pro devices & its ideal but new laptop upgraded to W10 Home doesn’t seem to have the Control Panel Sync Center available.
    If the answer is W10 PRO, is there verification that the Snc Center works (rather than just appears) there?

    Is it me or is this whole concept of ‘mobile’ files just not supported/understood!

  3. James Walker

    Steve, agree. I was trying to set this up for a friend who upgraded to Windows 10 home edition. They took this feature away from us. Seemingly by stealth. Disappointing microsoft. Someone please correct us if we’re wrong….

  4. teaReactor

    I’m looking into this feature too. There is a Sync Center icon in Control Panel but clicking on the option doesn’t seem to really lead anywhere. I’m not sure it will do what I need it do since I’ve never used it before. Guess I found another use for FTP. Will have to write a separate script.

  5. ???????

    hi, i ‘ve accidentally deleted some files from my desktop which were syncing with 2 other pc’s. This resulted the files to be deleted also from the other 2 pc’s. Is there a way to recover these files, i ‘ve searched in the recycle bin and i couldn’t find them.

  6. Snoopy17

    I made the same experience:
    WXpro supports offline folders – WXhome does not.
    A service process OfflineFolders is running on WXpro but is missing in WXhome.
    In the control panel of WXhome the item Sync exists but without any functionality.
    On MS’s website I couldn’t find any information that or explanation why this functionality was withdrawn for WXhome. But the upgrade was announced “… without costs”

  7. tv

    How to disable in W10 via policy? So frustrating…(seeing the icon) : )

  8. Garry

    Try KrojamSoft SyncFile for synchronising. Its a simple and best software for synchronising.

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