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The Windows Club

F-Secure Router Checker checks for DNS hijacking

F-Secure Router Checker is an online tool, that will scan the router settings of your Windows system and check if your DNS settings or Router have been hijacked or compromised.

When you type in your browsers address bar, your computer looks up the IP address against this domain name, and then contacts the server and requests it to load the web page,

DNS stands for Domain Name System and this helps a browser in figuring out the IP address of a website, so that it can load it on your computer. DNS cache is a file on your or your ISP’s computer, that contains a list of IP addresses of regularly used websites.

Since the DNS is important in rendering the correct web address, hackers & scammers try and compromise it for criminal activity. This is called as DNS Cache Poisoning. When the DNS is poisoned, you can get redirected to malicious web pages, instead of your legitimate site. Thus they re-route your Internet traffic using “rogue DNS servers”.

F-Secure Router Checker

F-Secure Router Checker will scan your computer and check if your DNS settings or Router has been compromised or hijacked, and inform you if it detects poisoning.

To use this tool, visit this link and click on the Start now button. In a few seconds you will be told if your Internet connection is safe or not.

The details of your DNS server’s IP address along with the details of your IP address will also be listed.

Check if rogue DNS Changer malware has changed your DNS settings. Flushing the Windows DNS Cache is a good way to clean up and reset your computers DNS cache.