EternalBlue Vulnerability Checker checks if your Windows is vulnerable

With Ransomware being in the air, it is a good time to check if your Windows system is vulnerable to the EternalBlue exploit – which was being exploited by the WannaCrypt Ransomware. This malware may have been stopped for now, but you never know when another malware comes and exploits this vulnerability. Eset EternalBlue Vulnerability Checker is a free tool that checks if your Windows computer is vulnerable to EternalBlue exploit.

EternalBlue Vulnerability Checker

Malware can spread using a vulnerability in implementations of Server Message Block (SMB) in Windows systems. This exploit is named as EternalBlue.

EternalBlue is a hacking weapon developed by NSA to gain access and command the computers running Microsoft Windows. It was specifically designed for the America’s military intelligence unit to get an access to the computers used by the terrorists.

EternalBlue Vulnerability Checker

The EternalBlue Vulnerability Checker tool checks if your computer is patched against EternalBlue. If your Windows computer is installed with all the latest Windows Updates, you have nothing to worry about. When you run the tool, in such cases, you will see a message:

Your computer is safe. Microsoft security update is already installed.

But if your computer is vulnerable, the tool will display the following message:

Your computer is vulnerable !!!

In such cases, you are advised to run Windows Update and install the available updates. Or else, you may visit the Microsoft Update Catalog page and install the KB4012598 security update.

This tool is available for download at

Apart from these, there are other things you may want to do to secure your computer further like disabling RDP if you do not use it and disabling SMB1.

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  1. LowIQ_Human

    not ‘ALL’ Windows?
    Only the un-updated ones.
    Same problem with OSX when it is not updated?
    I haven’t delved into the inner workings of this program?
    But I suspect it checks for patches?
    Which is usually encountered when not updating an Operating System regardless if Windows or OSX or Linux?

  2. Jamie Powell

    All machines are vulnerable they just haven’t all been found yet. Computers by nature are vulnerable 🙂 Esp wintendo because of its closed source kernel.

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