Eternal Blues ransomware scanner for WannaCry & NotPetya

You might have heard about the recent ransomware WannaCrypt and NotPetya spread across the internet. These crypto-ransomware make way to your network through the internet and vulnerable computers on your network. Protection against ransomware is not a requirement but a necessity these days, or you will end up paying ransom money or losing your data.

A big organization with an IT teams can handle these scenarios easily with help of experts. But these malware cause problems for small business owners and to even to personal computers. In this post, we’ve talked about Eternal Blues, a tool that lets you find vulnerabilities in your network that can become potential entry points of such ransomware.

WannaCrypt and Petya are crypto-malware that if injected can encrypt your computer’s data and then demand a ransom to decrypt it. Petya directly affects the Master Boot Record of your computer. These types of ransomware usually demand money in Bitcoins and there is a time limit, if you do not pay money in that time limit, your files are at a potential risk of deletion.

Eternal Blues Ransomware Scanner

Eternal Blues Ransomware Scanner

Eternal Blues is a free utility that lets you scan your network for vulnerabilities open to any of the EternalBlue-based attacks. This tool is a great preventive measure against ransomware. All you need to do is download and simply run a scan on your network. The tool will iterate through all the IPs in the IP range and look for any vulnerable computers. You can define a custom IP range or go on with the automatically detected one.

Remember that Eternal Blues will only check the vulnerability, it will not fix it. The scan does not take much time and the results are displayed in a small table. In this table, you can find vulnerable computers and their corresponding IP address.

This free software can be very helpful in preventing these attacks at the first place. If you are running a small business without an IT team or experts, you must go for this tool to find vulnerable computers in your network. Also, the tool sends anonymous data from your computer for statistical purposes.

Ok, so now you’ve found a vulnerable computer what do next? Read on to find how to fix any vulnerabilities in your network.

The first step is identifying the vulnerabilities. Using the Eternal Blues scanner find the computer which is vulnerable. Now ‘Update’ Windows will the latest updates that available, and disable SMB1. Windows updates are included with all the necessary security patches. If the computer is running older versions like Windows 8/7/Vista/XP, make sure you upgrade them to Windows 10 if it is possible.

Moreover, you might like setting up protection on Master Boot Record of your computer.

Eternal Blues is a great simple tool. It was specifically designed for non-techie people and small companies. All you need to do is click one ‘Scan’ button and all the vulnerable computers will be listed right away. Super easy to use and understand. Click here to download Eternal Blues.

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