Error 0x80240017 while downloading or installing Windows Update on Windows 10


  1. Got this error 0x80240017 while trying to update Windows Defender definitions using Windows Update.
    Updated definitions using Windows Defender without a hitch and ran Windows Update afterwards and did not get the error again, Windows Update checked for updates and found my system up to date.
    Note my system is Windows 10 and I have disabled/removed all the new windows apps from MS except for Windows Defender and Windows Store, actually had to reinstall Windows Store to be able to get apps from the store. I personally do not like what MS has done with their apps, slows down PC with all the spying acting like malware.

  2. Tried this, it’s stuck on “searching for updates”…. at least i don’t get the same error message.

  3. got this error with a HP printer driver, and now updates are stuck, the sugestion above did not work for me

  4. net start wuauserv
    After using this command if it shows “System error 5 has occurred
    Access id Denied”
    Then what can we do?

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