How to Disable or Enable Dark Mode in Google Chrome on Windows 10

Alongside many bug & security fixes, the latest Google Chrome browser brought the most anticipated Dark Mode feature. If you want to know how to enable the Dark Mode feature in Chrome for Windows 10, read on.

Enable Google Chrome Dark Mode in Windows 10

Earlier, the Dark Mode had arrived for Mac in Chrome. Then, Google had planned to roll out similar support for Windows 10. To try it out, you’ll need to perform three steps.

  1. Update Google Chrome to the latest version
  2. Navigate to ‘Personalization’ section
  3. Enable/Disable Google Chrome Dark Mode feature.

While every new version of the browser comes equipped with new features and bug fixes, the highlight of this release is the support for a Dark Mode for Windows users.

1] Update Google Chrome to the latest version

Google Chrome version

Go to ‘Menu’ visible as 3 vertical dots, choose ‘Help’> About Google Chrome. Update to the latest version.

2] Navigate to ‘Personalization’ section

Now, click the ‘Start’ button of Windows, choose Settings and go to the ‘Personalization’ section.

There, select ‘Colors’ from the left pane.

3] Enable/Disable Google Chrome Dark Mode feature

When done, move to the adjacent right-pane and scroll down to locate ‘Choose your default app mode’ section.

Under it, you will find two options listed,

  • Light
  • Dark

Chrome feature

Check the Dark option to enable Google Chrome Dark Mode feature.

To disable the feature and reverse the changes, simply uncheck the ‘Dark’ option. This action will restore defaults.

Enable Google Chrome Dark Mode

Not only the opened tabs of the browser will be displayed in the Dark Mode but also the ‘Context Menu’, when you right-click to take action.

Apart from the Desktop support, Chrome for mobile is shipping with an improved data saver feature called Lite mode. The new capability claims to reduce data usage by up to 60 percent.

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