Edge vs Firefox: Which is better for Windows 10?

Both Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge have come a long way since Edge was introduced with Windows 10, a few years back. Windows 10 gives you Edge as the default browser. We had earlier covered which browser is better for Windows 10: Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox. We are revisiting the article to update you based on the changes made to both Mozilla Firefox. This particular article deals with Windows 10 v1809 Edge and Mozilla ver. 62.

Microsoft Edge vs Mozilla Firefox browser

The basic features of Edge were good back then. But it was a very basic browser – that I would use only for reading. It underwent many changes in the past three years. Then the Windows 10 v1809 version added several more new features to Edge. With these latest improvements, it becomes necessary that we compare Edge to Mozilla Firefox once more as even Firefox has gone through many changes along with Edge.

Edge for Video and Audio

Edge Browser

It is visible. Firefox is faster than ever. Actually, both Edge and Firefox are better than ever but in different areas. For streaming video, I use Edge as it allows 1080p resolution without the need for extensions. Firefox won’t go above 720p for certain sites and videos. I’ve heard of extensions to force 1080p Netflix on Firefox. Same way, Edge is best for streaming music such as SoundCloud. The quality is good, and it streams without buffering even on slower connections.

Firefox too is new now

You know that Edge was created from scratch instead of using the code of Internet Explorer. Well, Mozilla too dug deep into its code and came up with Firefox Quantum, based out of fresh and clean whiteboard (latest version at the time of writing this being version 62).

In short, both browsers – Edge and Firefox – are now built around the new code to address current day Internet security issues all the while providing users with a good browsing experience.

According to Mozilla,

It (Firefox Quantum) is  by far the biggest update we’ve had since we launched Firefox 1.0 in 2004, it’s just flat out better in every way.

Firefox for resource-intensive sites

I have been using Firefox as my main browser as I visit many sites at a time – sites that are complicated and heavy on resources. Edge sometimes fails to render these websites properly. I don’t know the reason, but resource intensive websites simply seem to fail on Edge. I have tested it on my computer, tablet, and even my Android phone.

Edge for Reading View, taking notes and doodling

For reading, Microsoft Edge provides a distraction-free atmosphere –, especially in the dark mode. It lets me control the font size so I can use a size that is easy on eyes. It also allows me to take Notes and doodle on the website pages that I can share directly with others using Edge.

Tab Preview and Hide Tabs option in Edge

I wish Firefox has the feature of collapsing all the open tabs for later use. Sometimes I open more tabs, and some of them are not to be used immediately. In such case, I can simply toss the tabs to the left if I am using Microsoft Edge. I can later expand them when required. This feature is missing in Mozilla Firefox. There is also tab preview feature in Edge. Though not necessary for me, it might be important for people who open tabs and forget which tab contains what content. It is a nice feature that you should try.

Firefox for online transactions, not Edge

firefox quantum 57

Coming to e-commerce sites, I don’t use Edge for that. Something tells me Edge is not yet ready yet. Or it may be its metro interface that stops me from using it for e-commerce. I can trust Firefox as it is open source and has security codes at the place. I am not saying Edge cannot complete transactions online, but for some unknown reasons, I find that it feels uncomfortable.

Another reason could be that I know what all extensions are my Firefox browser using. It is to say; I can have safety and privacy controls under my control if I am using Firefox Quantum. There are many extensions and plugins available for Firefox. There are extensions for Edge too, but the range is quite small. That gives an insecure feeling while transacting on Edge. It has yet to build the trust required to part with your credit card number and CVV and things like that.


Based on my personal experience, I would say use Edge for:

  1. Streaming video
  2. Streaming audio
  3. Reading and making notes

Firefox comes with a better hand when it comes to

  1. Online transactions
  2. Browser-based games (Edge, feels a bit unresponsive at times with games like racing etc., thus spoiling your experience)

Using only Microsoft Edge for everything may not be a good option for you even though Edge has the edge over the other browsers being lightweight and a different look altogether.

I didn’t run extensive tests on memory and CPU functioning on these resources. I am just presenting what I experienced as the end user when using these browsers. Let us know what you think, your experience with Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox.

Post updated on 17th October 2018.

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Arun Kumar is a Microsoft MVP alumnus, obsessed with technology, especially the Internet. He deals with the multimedia content needs of training and corporate houses. Follow him on Twitter @PowercutIN


  1. Mulliano

    Great article… someone should forward this to Microsoft. Maybe, just maybe, they will listen.

  2. Soumya

    Firefox already has a reading view.

  3. jensenjs

    Firefox all the way, just Firefox.
    Microsoft has been busy telling us all how perfect Edge is, and for most daily users it can be so, but if you want more freedom, more flexibility Firefox are the #1 browser.

    So I can draw line, make a circle write a comment on the screen telling someone you should read this because …….
    But how often has I felt the need to do so, well, not enough to use Edge.

    I have tried it since it came on W10 preview and “thank you, but no”

  4. Arun Kumar

    Yes. The reading view that comes with ver 40 and 40.00.2 is pretty good and actually clearer compared to Edge. There is something with font rendering that makes Firefox’s reading view better than Edge. There is a lot to do for Edge before it can compete with mainstream browsers. I believe Microsoft took a hasty step here by releasing Edge so early. It should have added more features, including extension support before releasing it – even if it meant taking more time.

  5. ijstaartindeoven

    Update: It will use Chrome extensions soon. Firefox too I have read. Or at least Mozilla is going to offer the possibllity.

  6. wilkgr

    I tried…..so that I could download firefox. That’s why Microsoft gave an internet browser – so that you can download a better one. 😀

  7. Debbie

    Firefox also has extensions for “web page marking”. I just added an extension called “Wired-Marker” which puts permanent marker lines on web pages in different colors and shapes and is also supposed to highlight. I did notice there were more but thought I’d try this first.

  8. Debbie

    Firefox also has extensions for “web page marking”. I just added an extension called “Wired-Marker” which puts permanent marker lines on web pages in different colors and shapes and is also supposed to highlight. I did notice there were more but thought I’d try this first.

  9. alexatom

    I am a firefox user but I see that edge is much faster from firefox . I use it 2 weeks now,

  10. ?????? ?????

    Yes, it’s really faster and feels more smooth when scrolling pages, etc… But I still prefer Firefox. Edge still lacks some basic and handy options.

  11. Sridhar

    Don’t you think you need to either re-visit the article or at least delete this one. Its outdated and things have changed in both Firefox and Edge.

    Or at the very least mention the posed date on the top of the page.

  12. SCORPION2000

    Firefox! and maby Chrome for quick check of something but never ever bank stuff only trust Firefox for that + ESET ^^

  13. JebaczKoz

    Only FF.

  14. Anderson Araujo

    Think FF still rendering pages more fast than Edge. And both still needing a picture to picture solution for videos like all chromium based browsers have.

  15. ReadandShare

    People don’t all like the same things, so ‘options’ is a good thing to have. This is where Firefox shines in comparison with Edge. I dislike Edge’s ‘black and white and grey’ look. And Microsoft provides no other color options. I think that’s pretty much in line with Microsoft’s “my way or the highway” philosophy. So, no contest at all — I just say ‘no’ to Edge.

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