Easy Speech2Text is perfect for converting Speech to Text with ease

Not everyone needs a speech-to-text or text-to-speech tool, but for those who do, the default program in Windows 10 might not be enough. With that in mind, wed like to recommend an alternative known as Easy Speech2Text. From our testing in recent times, it does a splendid job when converting speech to text. It’s not always perfect, but in most cases, it works better than most. This tool could save users hours of work, so if you’re interested, we recommend reading along for more information.

Now, from what we have gathered, Easy Speech2Text uses advanced ASR-TTS technology to get the job done. For those who are wondering, ASR-TTS is a cloud-based speech technology that has been around for quite some time. Several companies use it for one reason or the other, so yes, its worth your time and it does make Easy Speech2Text quite useable.

Easy Speech2Text – Convert Speech to Text

From our experience, converting text to speech or vice-versa is more than easy. Seriously, your grandma could do it, therefore, you should have no excuses.

1] Convert to speech to text

Easy Speech2Text - Convert Speech to Text

OK, so when it comes down to converting speech to text, the user will need to have their speech pre-recorded. Make no mistake, this is not a tool where folks can record then convert to text.

This needs to be done beforehand, and the output file should be MP3 always. Any other format and it won’t work, unfortunately.

Now, once the file is up and running, just drag and drop it on the CD icon. Alternatively, click the plus button, seek out the file, select it, then hit the Open button to get started.

The next step, then, is to click on the other button that says Process speech to text. Depending on the size of the MP3 file, processing could take no more than a few seconds or several minutes.

Bear in mind that if the file is too large, an error will pop up stating that fact, so please keep that in mind when selecting files.

2] Copy content

To complete the process, be sure to hit the Copy Content button to copy all the words. From there, paste it into any text platform that is preferable.

3] Convert text to speech

Here’s what the user needs to do. There’s a section at the top that says Switch to TexttoMP3, the user will want to click on that right away. Doing so will change the window to something else with a text box for typing.

From within the box, type the text then hit the play button at the very bottom. Doing this should convert the text to speech and play it back in real time.

If you’re satisfied with everything, then click on the save button to claim the entire thing as an MP3 file.

Download Easy Speech2Text via the official website.

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