Convert Text to Speech Offline with TTFox Firefox browser extension

Text-to-speech (TTS) applications translate digital text into spoken word. This ability enables a user with disability read things effectively. Fortunately, with the rapid advances in technology, there are dozens TTS tools available for nearly every digital device. The debate however is, which of them is the best. Well, on the surface, most of them only offer the ability to hear the text that is written but there can be many more benefits stemming from TTS. For instance, the ability to enhance sentence correction, proper word pronunciation and ability to work even when offline. TTSFox is a new add-on for the Firefox browser that is designed to works even when the machine is offline.

TTSFox for Firefox Browser

TTSFox is a new Firefox add-on that allows a user to hear any textual content that he highlights. The add-on is a WebExtension, suggesting it will be compatible with the future versions of the browser.

When you first add the extension to firefox, an icon gets added to the space adjacent to the address bar as shown in the screenshot below.

browser extension

Now, if you are on a web page whose contents you want to be read out, Click toolbar icon and key-in text, then click “Speech” button.

TTSFox for Firefox Browser

Next, select the text on a web page > click mouse right button > click “Speech” item on context menu > click “Speech” button.

When you confirm the action, the main interface of the extension is displayed. The highlighted text is added in the adjacent text field automatically. The left pane lists the available speech engines, alongside 3 sliders,

  1. Modify the pitch
  2. Change speed
  3. Adjust volume

The default voice for the app is dependent upon the operating system in use. For example, the default voice sample for operating systems running Windows 10 is Microsoft David and Microsoft Zira. The first is a male voice, the second a female voice.

A simple click on the speech button starts the operation of reading out text aloud. You can suspend the operation anytime by clicking ‘Cancel’ option.

The add-on works better than Firefox’s Reader Mode. However, you need to highlight text every time you use the extension. Reader Mode, on the other hand, works differently. It automatically reads out all text aloud once the page’s converted to a better readable copy. So, now, you can easily convert eBooks to audiobooks and listen to them on long drives.

You can download TTFox extension for Firefox from here.

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