DriverFix Review: Best driver update software for Windows

Outdated device drivers are one of the primary causes why your Windows PC could get Blue Screens Outdated or poorly coded drivers can also crash devices on the go.  Windows Updates make sure that the drivers stay updated all the time. However, it came as a big surprise when I recently scanned my Windows 10 computer with DriverFix. In this post, I will share my DriverFix review.

DriverFix Review

I have a computer since 2012, and the Driver Repair Tool – DriverFix – showed me that my drivers are from the year 2006. That was way to surprising for me. I have Windows 10 running the latest version, and I expected all drivers must be recent. The latest drivers for my devices including IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers, Mice, and the pointing device, USB drivers for my chipset devices had new versions.

DriverFix Review

Once you download and install the DriverFix, the program will launch instantly. This is followed by a scan which will show results of Driver versions of all your hardware. The scan is rather fast and doesn’t consume much of CPU and RAM. Stay assured that this software is very lightweight.

Scan to find list of outdated drivers
Post-scan, you can see results as a list which includes outdated drivers list. You get to see the following details apart from the list of outdated drivers in DriverFix

  • Driver information
    • Details of the driver in complete detail with chipset name, latest version release, current version details, and so on.
    • The actual path to the list of driver files in Windows.
    • Hardware details with the Device ID and Resource settings.
    • And Option to send feedback.
  • Remarks on how old is your driver.
  • Option to Update.

You can either bulk update by clicking on the Update All button, or by selecting the one you want to update. It is possible to perform the individual update by click on the update button which is under the Driver Info section. In case there is a corrupt driver, it can identify that as well.

Details of outdated drivers for your computer

Backup & Download Manager

It’s always a good idea to backup drivers. In case of update files, you always have a way to fall back. DriverFix offers a backup solution. Look for a Shield icon on top right. Select the drivers, and click on the backup option. It will copy all the drivers, and save it in a zip folder. The backup files are available under C Drive.

Backup of existing and outdated drivers

Download Manager is where you can manage all the drivers’ downloads. When you click on the download this driver option, it only downloads it and waits for you to manually update it. You can see the progress, pause, find the location of the downloaded driver, re-download and delete the files.

Best driver update software for Windows

DriverFix has its own database of all drivers. It compares the current version of the driver on the computer with their database. This is how it knows if the driver is outdated. If you are keen to know further, you can also follow the link of the driver’s page. Its available under Driver info page.

According to the company, they keep adding add the newest device drivers to our extensive database on a daily basis. Right now they have over 18 million driver files available for download.

Best driver update software for Windows

DriverFix also offers tons of settings which one should know about.

  • See the list of removed devices
  • Perform automatic driver backup.
  • Enable driver filtering.
  • Allow automatic reboot after the driver installation.
  • Change the location of downloaded files.
  • Keep driver history for a set period.
  • Notification for new driver updates.
  • Use In-built download manager.
  • Allow concurrent driver downloads.

Apart from these, you get options to check on History of Scan on the computer, configure update frequency, access download section,  and so on.

Action Center (Coming Soon)

The software has an “Action Center” section which is marked as “Coming Soon”. I am guessing this will fine tune the software for all the actions one can do with the drivers and so on. It’s a wild guess, but I am betting on it.


DriverFix comes at a price which looks affordable compared to what we have seen in the market. You can start with the standard version which updates only one driver of your choice. This costs you $14.95 and is a one time charge. What we would suggest is to pick up the $29.95 package. It offers all the features we had shared above, but also includes unlimited use for 1 year, and 1 master key to activate any 1 PC of your choice. While these two work on a single computer, you can choose to activate 3 computers if you buy their $49.95 package.

You can download DriverFix here.

All the purchases come with 60 days money back guarantee. They also offer 24/7 chat support, email help, and also help over a phone call. Do take a look at their contact page for details of those options.

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