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Search Engines have evolved over the years. As it gets smarter every year, it becomes a tough job for Businesses and Websites to make sure that they can rank high for in search results for their products. Search Engine Optimization, popularly known as SEO helps websites to make sure that they not only send out the right information to search engines like Google, Bing, etc., they also need to make sure to adhere to that standards. And like any other industry, SEO keeps evolving because customers evolve too, their way of searching, their likeness for products and there are tons of other factors. Today we are sharing a free download of an SEO book which tells you about seven updates you should know about SEO in 2018.

SEO in 2018

SEO in 2018 – Seven Updates You Need to Know

The book touches upon some important factors which could be important to perform well in the Google Search results. In Google alone, there are over 200 ranking factors or Signals which the search giant uses to prioritize website rankings. In the past, Google has rolled out major changes in their algorithm, popularly termed as Panda and Penguin updates to make sure people who trick the algorithm can be put down.

The topics book talks about are Mobile Friendly Websites, Optimization for Voice Searches, Rich Snippets, Page Speed optimization, HTTPS, Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP, and Focus on UX.

It is interesting to see how much web has changed over a decade. Take the example of HTTPS which was solely used for only websites which were involved in transactions. HTTPS made sure data was secured for payments. Now, Google wants to make sure that all the data sent and received are secured. It has become more like a trust form.

The second interesting topic in the book is Voice Searches. Devices like Google Home, Amazon’s Echo and others have started evolving how people now search through voice. Those devices use the search engine in the background and display top results. As time will pass by, we will see more websites competing¬†for voice-based results.

That said, I have gone through the book, and if you haven’t been in touch with SEO changes past few months or are planning to start a new website, and want to make sure the basics are done right, this book is a must-read.

We at TheWindowsClub are making sure that you can grab a free¬†copy for yourself which usually costs. So don’t miss out on the opportunity, and download now. You will be asked to enter your name & email ID.

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