30 ways to increase your blog comments

Darren Rowse from problogger.com once quoted that “Only 1 out of every 100 Readers Comment on your Blog” and this appears to be the very fact of blogging. “If Oscar is to acknowledge the work of Film Industry than Comments are the way to acknowledge the work of a blogger” – wow I can write quotes too.

Increase blog comments

Jokes apart, no one is going to comment unless you encourage them to do so, I have listed 30 tips that you may use to get comments on your blog.

1. Tit for Tat: This simple rule works everywhere, and in blog-sphere it rocks, as most ofblogger are comment hungry so it is a mutual understanding that if someone has commented on your blog than you should also comment on his blog too.

2. Ask them to leavecomment: What I’ve experienced so far is when I ask my readers to leave a comment I get more comment as compared to when I don’t ask them.

3. Write Tutorials: Most of the readers comment when they need your help, writing tutorial and unique article is the best way to get comments.

4. Ask questions: Always try to ask a question at the end of your blog post like “Do you agree with it?”, “Do you think it should work?”, “What do you think?” etc.

5. Ask for opinion poll: Adding a poll also encouragesuser to write a comment because most reader tends to tell the author why they have choose a particular option in the poll. “Everyone like to speak their mind out, all we need to do is to encourage and give space to them”

6. Always reply to comments: Interacting with your commentators is very important, else it feels to them they are replying to a BOT. provide answers and be humble.

7. Reply with a ‘?’ : Once you have replied, ask again “Do they get it?” “Are you satisfied?” etc.. this builds up the interactive commenting.

8. Never delete a non spam comment.

9. Learn to take in negative comments: Not everyone likes your post, every one has different taste, whatever you do, an Apple Mac user will always hate a Microsoft Windows PC, so in that case be resourceful & be positive while replying. But yes, if the language is uncivil, uncouth or derogatory, you may consider deleting such comments!

10. Never abuse/embarrass/humiliate your visitors: Consider yourself as a Call center worker who can’t even useharsh tone while talking to  their customer no matter what the situation is. But the best way is to pre-judge if you think a comment may harm your reputation or may end up badly than you can  break my rule no 8. 😀

11. Give reward to your commentators: Every one like free goodies, if you are doing good than you can send some reward to your regular commentator as a compliment.

12. Give reward to Top Commentator: Rather than giving rewards just like that announce a competition and givereward to the top commentator, this will encourage your inactive readers to comment tooand your active commentators will buckle up for the competition.

13. Remove Captcha – Make it easy for your reader to comment.

14. Use threaded comments: It has various benefits, first it give your discussion a good look simple to understand, second it sendsnotification whenever some one reply to your comment.

15. Display recent comments

16. Highlight Top Commentator: This brings up the feeling of getting a first prize in a class to the commentator use Top Commentator widget in your sidebar.

17. Provide email subscription to blog comments

18. Don’t ask to register to you blog for letting the readers comment on your blog.

19. Use Akismet: You don’t want to have Spam comments in your blog, having spam comments also reduces the commenting, therefore use Akismet plugin to avoid spam comments.

20. Provide editable comments: Use plugins like Edit comment XT to provide user functionality to edit their own comments.

21. Provide a Preview Comment plugin to let user preview their comments before posting

22. Display Avatar, people love to see their avatars, faces and logo so provide avatar functionality too

23. Remove no-follow attribute from comment field, and announce it, too. Blogger like to comment on Dofollow blog to earn some backlinks.

24. Use CommentLuv: By enabling CommentLuv you are giving your commentators a direct traffic and a backlink which encourage them to comment more. Just try to comment on CommentLuv enabled blog for 2-3 weeks and see the difference.

25. Take initiative: If you are not getting any comment than may be its time that you should takeinitiative and start commenting on others blog. Comment daily on their blog for a week and you will see the back comments afterwards. “Don’t be in a hurry”.

26. Write controversial posts and get loads of comment

27. Send a sweet Thank You to you commentators but not much often just once in 2 months or so.

28. Facebook Connect: Give your readers options to comment on your blog using their Facebook account id.

29: Moderate regularly: Don’t keep your commentator waiting to see his comments live, moderate comment hourly.

… And what can be the 30th tip? What I missed! Leave a comment below and help me reach 30.

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