How to Publish a Blog post using Microsoft Word

Often bloggers use a lot of application to post their articles in different blogs. I used the use Windows Live Writer to publish my articles in this website. After the arrival of Windows 8, Microsoft did not appear to be keen on updating Windows Essentials, since most of the application in that list are built into Windows 8/10 … and then they replaced  Windows Live Messenger with Skype. I think the last update for Windows Essentials was back in 2012. So I decided to search for other alternatives and accidentally stumbled up on the built-in feature of Microsoft Word called Blog Post.

I can’t believe I never paid much attention to Word 2013/2016 and its Blog Post feature earlier. I know I might be the last person who actually saw that option. So I decided to create a post on Windows to set up and publish blog post from Microsoft Word for those who weren’t aware of this feature. The interface is very simple and clean. There aren’t much bells and whistles like other applications, but it gets the job done with any trouble.

Publish a Blog post using Microsoft Word

To setup the Blog Post in your Word go to File and click on New.

> Ad


There you’ll find Blog Post. Select Blog Post and click on Create.

Then it will take you to New blog registration wizard, where you can exercise your options. Then just follow the wizard to set up your blog.

Once the wizard completes, you’re done! Now just compose the blog post, you want and once you’re done click on the Publish or Publish as Draft from the ribbon.

This Blog Post option in Word is for those who are very familiar with Word and want a simple and neat interface. Starting today I’ll be using Microsoft Word 2013 for writing my articles.

By the way, this option has been present since Word 2007, but I found out about it now! If you have issues getting the blog setup please refer this article.

I hope you’ll find this option helpful.

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