5 basic tips to increase your RSS Feed Subscribers

This is the case with most of the new and old bloggers, even when the blog is successful they don’t have a large number of Subscribers. Well on the contrary why we should need them when we are getting enough traffic?

No one rejects free cheese now, do you? We all know the the benefits of RSS Feed subscribers! You may get a lot of visitors daily but if you have a large no of feed subscribers than you will get some more, as it lets your readers know about your blog updates.

Increase your RSS Feed Subscribers

Importance of feed subscribers is not something which is needed to be explained – so below are my 5 tips that may help you to gain a lot of feed subscribers.

1. WP Greet Box – This a plugin can help you increase your blog exposure and buildloyal readership. Whenever someone open any of your blog post than this plugin show a notification at top or bottom saying – “Hello there! If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.”


What better option can you get? Check out the above picture!

2. Remind Them: Try to add a banner at the bottom of your post or provide a simple link at the bottom the post asking your reader to subscribe to your blog. This this really work great, if a reader likes your post and suppose its a tutorial in parts than the chances that the reader subscribe to your blog increases widely:

Don’t forget to subscribe to our RSS-feed for recent updates.

You can also try banner at bottom of the post like some have done:

3. Add Subscription link at Sidebar: All professional bloggers know the importance of adding a subscription link insidebar. Add an icon and/or simple text box for email subscriptions:

4. Send newsletter to all your commentator: Yes, you can send some updates or club together your best tutorials or posts and send them to all your commentator, though this one is really tedious and tiring processand no blogger with good traffic do that, but in case you want subscribers real badly that try it. And at the end of the newsletter provide a Subscription link.

5. Contest: Contest, this is theeasiest and fastest and of course 100% reliable way of getting huge number of feed subscriber all you have to do is organize a contest on your blog or a giveaway and among your various terms and condition, you have to cunningly add one more – yeah you got it. Add a condition that “you should be our feed subscriber in order to participate in the contest”. See how simple is that!

A Piece of Advice: Don’t go with the someone who promises 1000+ subscribers for a few Dollars. Trust  me you will end up badly with a lot of bot’s (a computer program) as your subscribers. And by the time you realize that all your money will be gone.

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The author, Ritesh is a Desktop Application Developer who enjoys and learn new coding and web languages by experimenting and playing with them. Troubleshooting & Tweaking Windows is his favorite pastime.

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  1. One thing which I learned from my experience is: Feed button placement matters the most..
    Giving an option to subscribe at the end of posts works the best …As when reader is finished reading the post he is sure of subscription by that time..
    I also suggest along with Feed icon also offer subscription by Email..because till now Email subscription is more popular…

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