How to download and install Windows 8 Language Packs

Many users like using computers in their native language and Windows allows you to install several language packs. So, if you are planning to change the window menus into your native language, check whether your Windows 8 provide that language pack or not. It is important to remember in Windows 8, the language pack cannot be downloaded from online servers, as most users would expect but from the control panel of the operating System. The procedure to install language packs in Windows 7 was different. Windows 8 offers a more convenient way.

Install Windows 8 Language Packs

To install Language Packs in Windows 8, open Control Panel. To launch ‘Control Panel’ in Windows 8, you will have to access Charms bar from the lower right-corner of the screen and in the search bar, type Control Panel. Click on the results to open the Control Panel.

Alternatively, one can move the cursor to the lower right corner of the screen and then right-click to make visible a small menu called WinX menu. The menu gives you quick access to Control Panel.

Downloading and Installing Windows 8 Language packs

  • Launch the ‘Control Panel’ using any one of the above mentioned method. Once launched, select ‘Add a language’ option located under CLOCK, LANGUAGE and REGION settings.
  • This will bring up a language preferences window which will display the list of supported language packs. Browse or search the available list by clicking on ‘Add a language’ option once again.
  • Then, choose the language you want installed and hit the Add button.
  • If the language pack is available for the language chosen by you, you should notice a Download and install language pack link. If found, click or tap on Download and Install language pack link to begin downloading it. Please note that depending on size of the language pack and strength of your internet connection the downloading time may vary.
  • Once the process is completed, install the language pack. Here, you need to set new language as your display language first. To do this, select the language and then move it the top of the list using Move Up button.
  • Soon the updates will start getting installed.
  • Once completed Log off and log on to see your new display language in action.

Hope this helps!

Update: Internet Explorer 10 Language Packs for Windows 7 have been released. Windows 10 users may want to see how to Install and Uninstall Languages in Windows 10.

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Anand Khanse is the Admin of, a 10-year Microsoft MVP Awardee in Windows (2006-16) & a Windows Insider MVP. Please read the entire post & the comments first, create a System Restore Point before making any changes to your system & be careful about any 3rd-party offers while installing freeware.


  1. Channoway

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  2. A Wade


    I know your post is just spam, but for anyone who does forget their logon, you dont need to waste money on apps to reset your password in Win 8. You can do this easily by logging on as the Administator in safe mode and deleting the old password.

  3. Carolin2006

    How I install Persian(Farsi) language?

  4. Lawrence

    Hi Anand,
    I have German version of W8 and want to change to English. I add the English (GB) LP from the list, but it does not give the Download and Install Language Pack option like you describe. I lift English to the top of the selected list and the W Display language is still in German.
    What is the solution please?

  5. Vasudev

    Is the Windows 8 upgraded from Windows 7? Or you installed it or it came pre-installed with your PC/laptop?
    Try this before & see if it works, in the control panel as described in article, under Language, click on Advanced settings from the left panel.
    Select English (United States) under Override for Windows display language and Override for default input method section. And save.

  6. Lawrence

    Thanks Shyam, that link seems only to apply to Vista. Hopefully it is not an issue to change from German to English in 8.

  7. Lawrence

    Thanks Vasudev,
    It is an upgrade from 7. But the shop staff told me that English can be selected.
    I tried the override method but under Display Language there is only German listed. I selected English for the input method but that does not change the display language.
    Ay suggestions? It is supposed to be a simple task.
    Is there an Admin issue? I have Admin rights as am the owner.
    I noticed when first trying to set up English that the system automatically downloaded SOMETHING around 250 MB, but once is downloaded nothing else happened. Could that have been the language pack, and now the system doesn’t know what to do?

  8. Hi Lawrence, do you know where it downloaded that 250MB file? Can you locate & tell the name of that file, its extension? If its possible, please run C:WindowsSystem32lpksetup.exe and when it asks for Pack, can you point that to that location.
    I’m not sure but it might be issue because of upgrade / Base language. In Windows 7 , did you ever installed English?

  9. Lawrence

    Hi Vasudev,

    The files that are of that size at around the date that 8 was installed are: MigLog.xml (142 MB), COR3BC2.tmp (139 MB), COR8101.tmp (139 MB), install.esd (2.1 GB), boot.wim (198 MB), INBOX (174 MB) and sent-1 (366 MB).

    No cab files.

    I have tried to set another language (Africaans) as display language, and rather than giving a link to download and install it just says to make a connection to the internet so that a language pack can be searched for.

    Is it possible that the OS does not recognise having an internet connection?

    Thanks for your help.

  10. sathish

    Hai am using windows 8 russian langugae to change to english version.
    Plz provide the information to my mail

  11. Alex


    my name is Alex

    my question is what if the download for the language pack is not available

  12. Stan

    I’m interested in the solution too, as there no any download links as discribed above.

  13. When you use the Windows 8 OS UI, it will download and install the language pack for you automatically.

  14. j

    not working for me iether using spanish windows 8, i can move english to the top – then nothing happens.

  15. J

    Looks like the version of windows may say: Windows 8 single language.

  16. milad

    Hi I’m Milad from I.R Iran.
    Thanks for your help

  17. sebuhi

    thank you very very much i love you

  18. sebuhi


  19. ??????????

    ??? ??????? ?????, ? ???? ? ??? ???? ?????? ?????, ? ??? ????? ? ???? ?????, ?????? ??? ??? ????? ??? ?????????? ????????? ??????? ????, ? ????? ??? ?????????? ?????????? ????? ????? ???????, ???? ????????? ?????????, ??? ????? ?????? ?????? ?????, ???????, ?????? ??? ???? ??? ?????????, ?????, ??? ????????? ? ????, ??????? ?????????

  20. Fayaz Gul

    hy i want to change display language in win 8 .. i’ve did but they only change the keyboard language not display plzz help me to solve this problem nd the rusian language is already installed

  21. Scott

    Can the process of adding a language be automated by script, group policy or SCCM task sequence please?

  22. Lester Karaive Rodriguez

    I have followed the instruction to the letter quite a few times and nothing works. I am stuck with a JPN laptop that simply won’t download and update any language.

  23. Donald Tefo Johannes

    I also need help..from chineese to English

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