How to insert the degree symbol on Windows 10

As a Windows user, you may have noticed that many symbols that a user may need are not on the keyboard. One such symbol is the degree symbol. Many engineers or educators might need the degree symbol at various points in time. Today, we will check out how to use it on Microsoft Word on Windows 10.

Type degree symbol on Windows 10

Type degree symbol on Windows 10

It is worth noting that there are no major changes on the computer so the risk level is almost negligible and you can proceed with it without any hesitation.

There are many ways to add degree symbol on Windows 10. Some of them are:

  1. Using the Character Map.
  2. By using the Insert Symbol feature on Microsoft Word.
  3. Creating a Custom Keyboard shortcuts on Microsoft Word.
  4. Using default key combinations.
  5. Using third-party software.

1] Using the Character Map

Start by searching for Character Map in the Cortana Search box and then select the appropriate result.

Now look up for the degree symbol from the whole character map and click on Select. It will add the symbol in the text field on the bottom part of the mini window.

Now click on Copy it will be copied on your clipboard and paste it anywhere you want to.

2] By using the Insert Symbol feature on Microsoft Word

After you have opened Microsoft Word, click on Insert and then on Symbol.

A mini window will pop up. Inside that, just select the degree icon and finally click on Insert.

It will add a degree icon at the position of your cursor.

3] Creating a Custom Keyboard Shortcuts on Microsoft Word

For this, you need to open the Symbol mini window on Microsoft Word as given in ‘By using the Insert Symbol feature on Microsoft Word.’

Then after you have just selected the symbol, click on the button on the lower portion of the window that says, Shortcut Key…

This will open another mini window called Customize Keyboard.

You need to just hit the Shortcut key combination on your keyboard you should invoke the degree symbol on Microsoft Word.

Click on Assign once you are done, and finally, close the mini window.

4] Using default key combinations

Some Windows Computers offer a default key combination to insert a degree symbol are:

  • ALT + 0176
  • ALT + 248

Here, you need to hit and hold the ALT button and then press and hold the buttons mentioned above only in the Numeric Pad on your keyboard on the right side.

Another prerequisite is the fact that Num Lock must be turned on.

5] Using third-party software

You can also refer our post on how to insert Unicode & special characters in documents quickly with CatchCar – which is a third party freeware to do the same.

Hope these tips help!

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