This device is not present, is not working properly, or does not have all its drivers installed (Code 24)

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  1. Andy, another excellent tutorial. Thanks, I always need reviews myself. }:O)

    I have personally found, when that happens, I usually uninstall the driver or device and reinstall it again. I also look for the latest update, if there is one from the manufacturer. There have been too many times when Windows updating a driver or device, Windows does not have the right executable or update file. I do prefer to get the updates from the original manufacturer. Things seems to go smoother that way. There are times when there is a bug in the update from the manufacturer, but most times this doesn’t happen.

    For those who are not computer savvy, this is an excellent tutorial to help them “repair” the issue. There are so many computer illiterates, so I always appreciate tutorials. I am a geek, but I do need to have reviews, that is the only way you keep proficient, right? 2 thumbs up for this article, Andy.

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