XnConvert is a bulk image converter & resizer for Windows 10

Converting images in bulk is not an easy task if you don’t have the right batch image editing software to get the job done. This is where a batch converter should come into play, and we know of one that is perfect for the task at hand. The tool we’re talking about is called XnConvert, and with it, users can combine over 80 actions and convert more images into more than 500 formats. We’re certain you won’t need that amount, but it’s all about the confidence of knowing your favorite format is supported.

You’ll need to know that XnConvert doesn’t come with a flashy user interface. The look is primarily white all around, but as we always say, the looks don’t matter if the tool is capable of doing its job without any errors.

Use XnConvert is simple! You need to carry out the following four steps:

  1. Add Files
  2. View As
  3. Actions
  4. Output

XnConvert – Bulk image converter & resizer

Outside of the non-flashy user interface, folks will realize after launching this tool for the first time how simple it looks. It’s easy on the eyes, and most of the buttons you’ll be using are situated in the right place.

Probably the only thing we dislike about XnConvert, are the promotional social buttons at the bottom. But hey, it’s a free app; therefore, we can’t expect it to be perfect.

1] Add Files

XnConvert - Bulk image converter & resizer

Clicking the Add Files button will aid the user in adding the photos he or she wants to convert. Now, by using this button, folks will have to select images one after the other. However, should the Add Folder button be selected, all images from within the folder will show up in the tool.

We suggest that beforehand, locate the images you want, place them in a special folder, then click on Add Folder to get them all added in no time.

2] View as

This option can be found below Input file(s), and you’ll be needing it if you’re planning to batch convert dozens of images at the same time. You see, from here, folks can change the size of the thumbnails.

The options to choose from are Small Thumbnails, Thumbnails, Big Thumbnails, and List. By default, the app will have it set at Thumbnails, and that should be fine for most people, at least.

3] Actions

Now, this is where XnCovert begins to show off what it can really do, and we love it.

From here, the user to make several changes to all images added. For example, the user can set them to be cropped or resized. Additionally, watermarks can be added, along with text, vignettes, and much more.

After adding the preferred actions, check the before and after section to see what the images would look like before hitting the Convert button.

4] Output

Before hitting the convert button, the user must first select the Output tab to make a few changes. This is where folks will choose which folder converted images will end up in, and the favored file format, among other things.

As you can tell from the picture about, the option is there to have the pictures pop up in the source folder or a different destination. Now, when it comes down to the Format section, simply click on the menu below, and from there, choose one from the many formats available.

If you want to do more, click Settings below to change the quality of the images, the subsampling factor, and more.

Finally, click on the Convert button below and wait for everything to take shape. Depending on the speed of your computer and the number of pictures added to XnConvert, the conversion process could take a while.

Luckily, there’s an option to select how many CPU Cores the tool should use if you want faster performance.

Download XnConvert for free from the official website.

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