Flexxi: Free batch photo resizing software for Windows 10

Flexxi aka Flexible Image Resizer is a free batch image resizing software with useful features and an easy to use design. Flexxi is an open-source project available at Source Forge. Other than batch image resizing, you can even resize, rotate, rename and convert images, and at the end, you can save them at the desired location. You can even upload them to Dropbox, FTP, or send them by mail.

Free batch photo resizing software

Free batch photo resizing software

Firstly, you need to feed Flexxi with the images you want to be resized, you can choose multiple images, or you can directly add a folder instead. Once you are done with adding all the images, you need to click the ‘Resize’ button from the series of buttons located in the right column. Now you may select the size to which your images must be resized. There are five preloaded settings, but you can manually create yours by entering the size of the new image.

After changing the resizing options, move on to the next step by clicking the ‘Rotate’ button. If you want to rotate the images, then choose the direction, or if you want to skip this step, you may simply choose none. Moving on to the next step, that is ‘Rename’. Under this step, you can create a renaming pattern so that the images are systematically renamed according to the pattern you entered. You can modify the existing name, or you can create your pattern from scratch.

The fourth step that is Convert lets you choose the format to which the images are to be resized, Flexxi supports five file formats, including JPEG, GIF, PNG TIFF. And now the last step that is ‘Save To’, in this step you must choose the location where the resized images should be saved. There are some additional settings available too like you can overwrite existing files or create copies, you can create a subfolder containing the resized images, or you can save the images in a separate folder. After choosing the desired settings from all the five steps, click on the ‘Start’ button and Flexxi will start resizing your images one by one.

Overall the software is a good one and is nicely built. It can work as a batch image resizer, image rotator, image renaming tool, or an image converter. The file format support is okay, and the UI is amazing. The task is divided into five easy steps which can be considered or simply skipped. It is an easy all-rounder tool.

Flexxi aka Flexible Image Resizer download

Click here to download Flexxi or Flexible Image Resizer.

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  1. Ziggy

    There are lots of these types of programs but what I particularly like about this one is its simplicity. Nice find!

  2. Ziggy

    Ripper – two great freebies in one hit. Thanks for the link, Max.

  3. Rodolfo

    very good aportacion.
    I liked his convivial.
    and flecibilidad that one can put in the images.
    Max munchas thanks for the link.

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