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How to convert BIN to ISO or BIN to JPG file format

The BIN File format is a rather an old file format which has a lot of applications including disc images. The ISO has taken its place in modern software – but there might be some places where you can still encounter BIN files. ‘BIN’ stands for binary and these files are compressed binary packages. BIN files contain raw sector-by-sector copies of the entire disc. BIN files do not actually contain files and folders, but it is a copy of raw data. BIN files can be used to regenerate the entire source disc, and they can preserve information like bootable information, volume-attributes and other system specific details. To view the contents of a BIN file, you need to burn it to a disk or mount it virtually.

BIN format has also been widely used to store raw image data, and you might be looking to convert it into a more usable JPEG/JPG format. In this post, we’ve covered some of the BIN to ISO and BIN to JPG converters available – both online and offline.

BIN to ISO Converter


WinBin2Iso is a simple and small utility written for Windows to convert your BIN files to ISO images. The program sizes around 35 KBs and does not require any installation and setup. It is a portable tool and also Memory and CPU efficient. The major advantage of using this tool over its online counterparts is that it can be easily used for larger file size. It eliminates the need to upload the file, convert it and then download it back. WinBin2Iso is available for all the versions of Windows ranging from Windows 10 to Windows XP. Click here to download WinBin2Iso.


AnyBurn is another free BIN to ISO converter available for Windows. Apart from its conversion features, it also offers some other features related to burning data to discs and creating music CDs. AnyBurn is completely free to use for both personal and commercial use and supports Windows 10. It can also help you in creating bootable USBs and CDs from BIN files. Click here to download AnyBurn.

BIN to JPG Converter


Online-Convert is a collection of online conversion tools that supports conversion between a lot of formats. And it does supports BIN to JPG conversion. Moreover, the web-app does not require any login or signup. You can just upload your images and directly download the converted one. Apart from basic quality control, Online-Convert offers a variety of basic editing features like resizing color enhancement and image cropping. Click here to go to Online-Convert.


Since image files are assumed to be smaller in size, we can use online converters to change the format. Convertio is one of the free online image converters that support conversion from BIN format to JPG. Not just JPG, Convertio supports a lot of other image formats as well. It is completely free and has an upper limit of 100 MBs on image size. You can upload your BIN files from your computer or directly share them from your Dropbox/Google Drive account. Click here to go to Convertio.

These were some of the best tools that we found on the internet. Additionally, if you are looking to convert your Images to BIN files, you can check out this amazing online converter here. If you use any other online or offline service, do not forget to mention them in the comments down below.

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