MEMORY_MANAGEMENT Blue Screen due to Chrome browser

If when you launch Google Chrome, it starts connecting to the internet and then immediately your Windows 10 PC crashes with MEMORY_MANAGEMENT blue screen then this post will help you. What has happened here is when Chrome request for more memory or when it tries to access the network, and a demand is raised for more memory, the memory management program fails.


Let’s take a look at the possible solutions


1] Disable Hardware Acceleration

Browsers like Chrome can use hardware acceleration to perform tasks faster.  This also means that Chrome will request for more resources. In this scenario, it is best to disable hardware acceleration in Chrome to check if MEMORY_MANAGEMENT BSOD fix.

2] Run Driver Verifier

Driver Verifier is an inbuilt program in Windows which can find if any of the installed drivers is causing an issue. In this case, it is possible that Network drivers are causing the issue. It is best to reinstall the latest version of the driver to resolve this. In case the latest version is available on the computer, you may want to try an older version and see if it works as expected.

3] Run Windows Memory Diagnostic Test

If there is a problem with your RAM, the Windows Memory Diagnostic test can give you a clear answer. It tests your RAM and then offers a possible solution. Sometimes a simple restart can resolve the memory issue.

If nothing works, reinstall Chrome or else change the browser!

We hope that one of these tips will resolve the problem for you. In case it did let us know which one worked for you. However, if you have any different solution, let us know in the comments.

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