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How to add threaded comment feature in your WordPress blog

If you are getting enough number of comments, than you may have faced problem while answering or replying to them. Though you can reply to them with a comment,  the problem is it doesn’t make the comment look interactive or […]

Laptop Review : Dell Studio 15 Series

Today we are starting a new series of articles where I will review  some of the best laptops available for the Home users and Students. Buying a new laptop according to our requirements from the many available options is confusing & […]

7 Google AdSense terminology that you should know

If you are new to Google AdSense than you may find it difficult to know what different terms means like CTR, CPM and Channels etc. Neither you will be able to increase your AdSense earning; unless you are good in […]

30 ways to increase your blog comments

Darren Rowse from once quoted that “Only 1 out of every 100 Readers Comment on your Blog” and this appears to be the very fact of blogging. “If Oscar is to acknowledge the work of Film Industry than Comments are […]

Flurrious lets you create your own snowflakes!

If you like to create things, this website, Flurries, will keep you busy for hours; especially in winters! Using a versatile Flash editor, you can compile your very own snowflake and watch it dance in an artistic snowfall.

Labuat : A nice time-killer flash website

Labuat is the most beautiful and enjoyable time-killer. It’s a song illustrated by an interactive brush that reacts to music, and the lyrics won’t leave you cold.

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What is Microsoft SeaPort and how do I remove it?

The SeaPort.exe process is a part of the Microsoft SeaPort Search Enhancement Process which comes bundled with the Windows Live Suite, and is installed in certain scenarios, usually on installing the Windows Live Toolbar.

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Download Bing 404 Plugin for WordPress from Microsoft

Microsoft has released a new plug-in for WordPress Bloggers called the Bing 404 Plugin for WordPress. The plugin uses Bing Search to improve your default Error 404 – Not Found pages in your WordPress blog, by identifying keywords from the […]

The Case of The Jumping Windows 7 Start Menu

Well, the Windows 7 Start Menu, like all Windows start menu’s is fixed to the left side of the taskbar near the Start Button. Click on the Start Orb and and the Start Menu pops up there itself, attached to […]