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FotoMorph: Free Photo Morphing Software for Windows

You may be aware of ‘morphing’. Morphing is an image editing technique in which special motional effects are given to one or more pictures. It is used to illustrate one image turning or converting or changing into another. Today I would […]

Kingsoft Antivirus : Freeware Anti Virus for Windows

Kingsoft Antivirus is out of beta and is now available as a free download for your Windows PC. This completely free antivirus software will detect and clean virus, trojans and malware from your computer. It can also work along-side other […]

RecImg Manager, a free backup and restore software for Windows 8

RecImg Manager is a new PC utility software from SlimWare, the makers of SlimCleaner and SlimComputer, that creates a backup snapshot of just the Windows 8 operating system and installed software. During recovery, RecImg Manager reinstalls only Windows 8 and its […]

Giveaway: 10 licenses of Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 5

Looking for software that will optimize and enhance your photographs easily and quickly? Look no further! The recently released Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 5 will do just this job, with a single click. The software costs $ each, but as usual […]

EyeRoller: Create funny images, make eyes follow your mouse cursor

With many free and useful software packages available for download today one can sometimes create hilarious animation. Here, I am referring to EyeRoller, an application that helps you create funny faces using photos of your friends or colleagues, display it on […]

Update Freezer

Stop That Update – Use Update Freezer

What annoys you the most when your Windows computer first boots and you want to get to your work straightaway? For me, I find the pop ups of Adobe Reader and Adobe AIR appearing asking me to update the software […]