BSvcProcessor has stopped working

The error BSvcProcessor has stopped working can be annoying. We can close the error window, but it doesn’t resolve the root problem. The BSvcProcessor program is associated with Bing. It is a part of the package for Microsoft Bing Desktop software and the Bing Bar application. Since Bing tries to push for itself as the default browser, the program could be downloaded unknowingly. BSvcProcessor.exe is located here:


BSvcProcessor has stopped working

BSvcProcessor has stopped working

The program isn’t crucial for Windows and could be deleted without second thoughts. However, the problem is that we never know what pushed it to the system. What we can do is:

  1. Uninstall Microsoft Bing Desktop, Bing Bar application and add-ons
  2. Removing Bingsvc from Registry

Thus, we could perform the following solutions sequentially to resolve the problem:

1] Uninstall Microsoft Bing Desktop software, Bing Bar application & add-ons

The BSvcProcessor program is downloaded to the system along with the Microsoft Bing Desktop software and Bing Bar application. Uninstalling the Bing Bar application could help in deleting the program from the system.

Also delete any add-on associated with Bing, since these add-ons store their data on the system and the BSvcProcessor program is a part of that data.

The BSvcProcessor program is associated with Bing. The program might stay in your system even after removing the above-mentioned applications. Basically, try uninstalling all direct and third-party applications from your system that might have anything to do with Bing.

3] Removing Bingsvc from Registry

If everything else fails, you could consider removing Bingsvc from Registry itself. The procedure to do so is as follows:

Press Win + R to open the Run window and type the command regedit. Press Enter to open the Registry Editor.

Delete entry associated with Bing

In the Registry Editor, navigate to the following path:


On the right-pane, right-click and Delete the bingsvc entry associated with Bing.

Restart the system.

This is sure to help you.

All the best!

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