Best Google Maps alternatives for everyday use


  1. Second vote for HereWeGo. Used to be owned by Nokia. Great alternative to Google – if you don’t care for Google knowing every friggin’ place you went (or searched for).

  2. You wrote it in US perspective.
    Outside US (or in East Europe) the BingMap and Here Map are outdated more than Google Maps.
    Road network in Google maps is updated about 1 months after building new expressway, and more than 2-3 months after building less important road.
    Bing and Here do it about 1 or 2 years later (yes – “year” is not mistake).
    The only updated maps are OpenStreetMap and Waze.


  3. I was forced to disable Google Maps since it opens up by itself every time I make a call. Google after many years this bug has been around and still they haven’t been able to figure out a solution. Its just embarrassing for them at this point really. At least its good to know there are many good alternatives.

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