10 Best Firefox themes to transform the default UI

The latest version of Mozilla Firefox is very much improved in terms of usability and UI. Yet, there are always some who do not like the default user interface or want to personalize or customize Firefox. Here are some very good looking Mozilla Firefox themes, that you can use with the latest version of Firefox on your Windows 8, without having any compatibility issue. Today we will see how to change Firefox themes and have a look at some of the best Firefox themes available as free downloads.

How to change Firefox themes

The step is really simple. Just go to any theme’s web page with your Firefox browser and hit the Add to Firefox button.

Install Firefox Theme

Else in Firefox address bar type about:addons and hit Enter. Click on Appearance. Here you can search for, add and manage your Firefox themes.

Best Firefox themes

Firefox has loads of themes. Here are some of the best one’s in my opinion.

1] Lego

If you have ever played building blocks or toy bricks in your childhood, you can relate that with this Firefox theme. After installing this theme, your browser would be looking like this:

Best Firefox themes

2] Jaguar XK Sports Car

If you love cars, this is impossible to not like Jaguar. Therefore, if you want to get a sporty car feel while using Mozilla Firefox, this Firefox theme could help you a lot.

Jaguar XK Sports Car firefox theme

3] Dark Fox

Although, it has been a quite long time since this theme was updated, yet, Dark Fox is really a cool and bold Firefox theme. A dark UI with a Firefox logo is perfect to get the attention of any Firefox user.

Dark Fox firefox theme

4] Little Flowers

Little Flowers is perfect Firefox theme for those, who love flowers a lot. The UI looks pretty good after installing this theme,  was updated in 2012 the last time. No matter whether you have smaller resolution or a big screen, this theme will fit with every resolution you have.

Little Flower Firefox theme

5] Pikachu

If you love Pokemon, I am sure that Pikachu is your favorite character. The same character can be always with you when using the browser. Here is a Pikachu theme for your Firefox web browser.

Pokemon Firefox theme

6] Lionel Messi – FC Barcelona

The home grown player of Camp Nou, is one of the best players out there. There are millions of die-hard fans of Messi. If Messi is your idle and Barcelona is your favorite La Liga team, you can install this theme without looking at anything.

Messi firefox theme

7] Manchester United

The English Premier League giant and currently fourth position holder of EPL, Manchester United, is such a club, which has hundreds of thousand of fans across the globe. If you are an Old Trafford supporter, this theme is specially for you.

Manchester United firefox theme

8] MSN

MSN aka The Microsoft Network is one of best companies in the world and if you like this company, you can install the MSN theme and give your Firefox browser a stunning look.

MSN Blue firefox theme

Similar Themes: MSN Green, MSN Pink, MSN Indigo

9] City Nigth

City Nigth is a city night Firefox theme, which looks pretty good in smaller screen. However, if you have a large display, this may not provide you with the best experience.

City night firefox theme

10] Rain Box

The name says all about the core part of this Firefox theme. Rainbox theme is specially for them, who love rain more than anything. The browser window looks really awesome after installing this theme.

Rain Box Firefox theme

There are certainly a lot of eye catching themes for Firefox. Did I miss anything?

Go here if you are looking for Halloween Firefox themes.

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