How to automatically empty Recycle Bin in Windows 10

The Recycle Bin has been around in Windows for quite some time now. It is a very convenient feature which has made its special place inside the operating system. But at the same time, the Recycle Bin also takes up a lot of disk space on your computer as the files that you delete are not removed from your computer. And once you are running out of disk space, there is no option other than emptying the Recycle Bin. Auto Recycle Bin as the name suggests automates the task of emptying Recycle Bin to save time and effort.

Automatically empty Recycle Bin in Windows 10

We have earlier seen how you can automatically delete files from the Recycle Bin via Storage Sense.

Automatically delete files in Download folder & Recycle Bin after 30 days in Windows 10

Today we will take a look at this freeware called Auto Recycle Bin, which offers more options!

Auto Recycle Bin for Windows PC

Selecting the files you need from your Recycle Bin is a tedious task and this what program aims to simplify. The program lets you configure various rules that make sure the data is automatically cleared from different parts of the Recycle Bin, and you never run out of disk space.

This is a very tiny tool with a simple to use UI. This is not a replacement to any other tool; it just makes sure that the Recycle Bin is cleared periodically.

automatically empty Recycle Bin

Auto Recycle Bin works by letting you configure settings for different drives separately. Click on the Drive you want to configure. The program displays some essential information such as the percentage of this drive that is used by Recycle Bin and the total free space.

Just below that, you can configure the number of days the deleted items should be kept inside Recycle Bin. The next setting that you configure is the size of the Recycle Bin. You can specify a number in MBs or a percentage value with respect to the size of the drive.

Moving on, Auto Recycle Bin also lets you view the items in the Recycle Bin in the order they were deleted. You can select the items you want to delete and use the Delete selected items options to clear them off your computer’s Recycle Bin. Also, there is a dedicated Process all button to delete everything from Recycle Bin for that drive.

Similarly, you can configure these settings for other drives and view their respective Recycle Bins. Since the program tries to automatically clear off the contents of your computer’s Recycle Bin, there must be a policy guiding this as well.

If you go to the program’s settings, you can decide when the files are deleted. There are two options currently provided; the first one is the manual mode. In manual mode, the program will not delete files automatically. You will have to open the tool and hit the Process button manually.

And the second option is On the Windows OS startup. Auto Recycle Bin will automatically delete files from Recycle Bin on startup and then exit the program. The second one is more convenient and serves the purpose of this tool.

Auto Recycle Bin is a great little tool to have if you happen to delete a lot of files. There is no point in keeping the files inside Recycle Bin if you are not going to need them. But if you are not sure about the files that you have deleted, then we do not recommend using this tool as it might automatically empty recycle bin on a pre-configured time.

Click here to download Auto Recycle Bin.

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