How to add RSS feeds to Bing News App in Windows 8

Recently various Bing Apps of Windows 8 namely Travel, Maps, News, Finance, Sports received an update. These apps received several updates. Though the details about Weather app updates, too were announced, it wasn’t included in this set of updates. With this update it now becomes possible to add your custom RSS Feeds to the Bing News app.


Add RSS feeds to Bing News App in Windows 8

You can customize the Bing News App according to what you want to see. Customize it to see only the story categories, topics or only news sources that matter to you. The News app now also supports offline reading. Another feature addition to News app is that, you can add RSS feeds of your favorite blogs as a custom source. And this is what this post is about.

With recent announcement of Google Reader shutting down in coming months, many are interested in Google Reader alternatives. Now let us see how to add RSS feeds to the News app and make it a RSS Feed Reader.

First of all, update your News app to the latest version if you haven’t done it yet. When you open the News app, in the new version you’ll see the ‘Get Started’ Panel


Click on the ‘Add a source’ Or Scroll right a bit more and under ‘Sources’, click on the ‘+’ sign.


And that will open up ‘Add a Source Tile’ screen.


Here you can add the already listed built-in sources by clicking on the ‘+’ sign or you can paste any URL of RSS feed you want to add. After pasting the URL of RSS feed, press Enter key. And that feed will be shown in a Tile with a ‘+’ sign.


Click on the ‘+’ sign to add the RSS feed tile and it’ll show the ‘Added’ icon.


In this way keep adding the RSS feeds as needed.


Also a point to note, ensure you are in ‘Add a Source Tile’ to add RSS feed else there’s also ‘Browse our Sources’ option, using which you can browse but can’t add the feed. So after adding the RSS feed, this is how it looks when viewed.


Also noted that some feeds show images and some don’t. RSS feeds are shown in a clean, easy to read, nicely arranged way and are also synced via your Microsoft account on multiple Windows 8 or Windows RT devices. In future we might see sync across Windows 8 Phone too. Hope Bing News will provide aggregation feature in future.

To delete your added RSS feed, click on the icon shown in the Sources list and delete those not required.


You can also pin the individual feeds to Windows 8 Start Screen. Just right-click while viewing the feed and you’ll get the option ‘Pin to Start’. Here you can change the name too.


I hope you will give all these options a try and provide your suggestions for further improvements to Microsoft.

By the way, if you have not yet subscribed to our RSS Feeds, you might want to consider subscribing to

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