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Google is the leader in the search space and definitely the most loved search engine today, but some policy changes they have been making in the last few months is not going down too well with many. Now with its declaration of its new user data sharing policy, some have now started looking out for alternate search engines already. While most may not come close to the Google experience, there are some pretty decent search engines one can switch over to, if you are willing to change habits. Here are a few, if you are planning a change.

Alternative search engines

Bing: Bing from Microsoft – many do not want to try or use it for one simple reason! It’s from Microsoft! But if you can lay aside your negative bias for ‘anything Microsoft’ and check it out for a week, you will be surprised at the results it delivers. If you don’t like it, you can always go back to using your earlier one. Bing is now also powering Yahoo Search results.

IxQuick: It was IxQuick which was the first search engine to offer encrypted search back in 2009. It has now also made SSL encryption the default on all searches – although other search engines too followed suit. Ixquick has a sister search engine called Startpage.

Startpage: Well Startpage may not exactly be a Google alternative, but for lovers of Google Search results, it looks to be the best alternative as basically Startpage uses Google Web results – but does not track you or your searches. You can use Startpage to search the web anonymously and protect your privacy. Moreover, Startpage shows only a limited amount of relevant sponsored results on the top and the bottom of the results page. You can even add StartPage to your browser.

DuckDuckGo: This search engine too does not track your history and bans spammy sites and sites that are full of advertisements. Take a look at these DuckDuckGo Search Tricks post.

Dogpile: It is a meta search engine, that allows you to simultaneously search not only Google but also Bing and Yahoo. No longer can you trust just Google Search, as it pushes results from its own sister sites. Using such meta search engines, you can get the best of the three worlds.

Metacrawler: It is another metasearch engine that searches and delivers search results from Google, Bing, and Yahoo. By accessing multiple search engines for each query, it can provide you with a more relevant spectrum of results than you would from using any single search engine.

Blekko: It helps eliminate spam from search results by allowing you to use slash tags to deliver results that are relevant. For example, you can search with the slashtag “/windows” to get results that have to do with Windows.

Wolfram Alpha: It works in a way quite different from the traditional Search Engines. Search Engines index web pages, then look for textual matches, then give you lists of links. WOolfram|Alpha uses built-in knowledge curated by human experts to compute on the fly a specific answer to every query

Ask: Ask.com is the largest of the small search engines having approximately 5% odd US market share.  Forget its hated Ask toolbar for a moment and check it out.

Gigablast: This one styles itself as a Green Search Engine as 90% of its power usage comes from wind energy. If you want, you can also perform your query on the coal-based search engines by clicking links below the search results. It has a pretty big index and some nice advanced search options too.

Want more? Take a look at these:

Let us know if you have any suggestions or observations to make.

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  1. r0lZ

    You forgot Ecosia: http://ecosia.org
    It’s a nice “green” search engine.

  2. John Appleseed

    Bing is crap !

  3. Xaccell

    There really isn’t an ‘alternative’ to Google….

  4. You can never be sure that your search information isn’t stored and analyzed, but it’s better to have some protection than no protection at all. If you are serious about your anonymity and privacy you should use many tools and methods to protect them. This means using an anonymizing network such as Tor or I2P, using proxies etc. So we cannot be 100% sure you are not being tracked by the search engines we mentioned above but they should at least give you better privacy than other major search engines such as Google and Bing.

  5. I work for a federal government agency that recently launched a new website. In the process of doing so, we learned that we cannot use Google as our search engine because Google would require us to put their logo and perhaps even the phrase “Powered by Google” next to the keyword search box. If we did this, it would be tantamount to the government endorsing or advertising a commercial vendor over other commercial vendors and their products — a very basic no-no.

    Unfortunately, it appears to me that all search engine providers have these same requirements. As an example, if you look at the keyword search box on this page, it says, “Search powered by Lijit.” Further, these requirements may actually be based on copyright law; if you don’t protect your own product copyright by saying the intellectual property is yours, you may just lose the copy right.

    Can anyone advise me on how to get around this issue? Thank you for any help you can provide.

  6. This has been the best post that I’ve seen on this subject so far. I was looking for alternatives to Google because of privacy concerns and I started out looking for alternative browsers. Most are ‘powered by’ or ‘assisted by’ Google like its some pimp with a stable of ho’s. As for search engines why limit yourself to just one. I’ve bookmarked a large list now and I’m going to share the love around. I’m going to be the pimp.

  7. Notary Public Croydon

    you have analysed , classified, categorized and added the search engines list accurately. Nice posting

  8. I don’t think so any other search engine is as good as Google. I am using it since I have started using internet. And from that time to now I have never liked anyone else as better one for me is always Google..

  9. Serve Over Counter

    Same here Dude.. Google is itself world’s best search engine. i can’t compare it with any one else.. Most of these alternatives I have already used, and at last Google is much better experience…

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  11. Angel Hagner


    I believe other website owners need to take this website as an model, quite clean and excellent user pleasant pattern

  12. Rodolfo

    Very good list of search engines.
    and several who did not know.
    Thanks for the contribution.

  13. Ian Lim

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  14. Here is a good post about Top Alternative Search Engines That Do Not Track You https://privatoria.net/blog/top-alternative-search-engines-that-do-not-track-you/

  15. Ghis1964

    I don’t use it, although I have some 50 search-plugins, some homemade, depending on what I search or sites, I would’ve chosen Yahoo over Ask.

    Ask.com have been responsible to so many repairs I had to do in many of my friends PCs -(

    Did you got piad by Ask com? lol 😀

  16. Rahul Yadav Hacks

    Thanks for sharing this list, really good resource for my business. Great that this post has been so productive in uncovering great info. Thanks everyone.

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