How to access FTP Server using Notepad++

Earlier we posted a complete screen shot tutorial on installing FileZilla client and server and synchronizing files between multiple clients. In this post, I am going to show you how to synchronize or access files on your FTP Sever directly from Notepad++, a free Notepad alternative.

Notepad++ is fairly a small application and occupies 5 MB on your drive. You needed to have a client application to transfer files to FTP or Web Servers. After you connect your server with the client application like FileZilla, a free FTP application, the file is then edited back using a notepad or an IDE.

Notepad++ combines the features of different application using its NppFTP plug-in. This enables you to access all the files and folders on your Web server. Moreover you can create new directories as well.

Let’s check out how this FTP plugin works on Notepad++

Notepad++ FTP connection setup

First of all you need to download the latest version of Notepad++; it hardly takes any time to install. Also note that the latest version of Notepad++ has FTP plugins installed with it. If you are running an older version of Notepad++ then you need to install the plugins separately through plugin manager. You just need to launch the plugin, which is done by clicking plugins NppFTP show NppFTP Window.

Configuring FTP connection on Notepad++

After launching the NppFTP windows, all you need to do is to configure the FTP connection, which is done by clicking the General setting option under the Settings tab.

The next step is to add new profile. Click the button ‘add new’ on the bottom left of the window and enter the name of the profile you would like to have.  Enter all the FTP or Web Server details, which include:

  • Hostname
  • Username
  • Password
  • Port

The port for FTP is always set as 21 – and choose the connection type as ‘FTP’.

Once you are done with the entries, start accessing your FTP Server just by establishing connectivity. Which is done by hitting the connect button on the FTP Window.

There are bunch of option you can do using this, such as:

  1. Edit the file on the Notepad++ directly.
  2. Upload a new file.
  3. Delete a file.
  4. Create a new directory.
  5. Delete a directory.

I don’t have a FTP or Web Server

If you don’t have a Web server, you need not worry. They are many providers that give you free FTP accounts along with a good storage capacity. I recommend which is very easy to subscribe and get started. Login there and as soon as you make an account there, you get all the credentials needed to access it from a FTP client – that is Hostname, Username and Password.

What makes this application NppFTP impressive is that it has a portable version as well. You can carry NotePad++ anywhere and start accessing your Server from anywhere. It also proves quite effective for developers as it has the feature of syntax highlighting for many programming languages.

Create a FTP account and start accessing it using Notepad++!

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  1. Dale

    I’m unable to connect notepad++ with my file server (
    When configuring the FTP connection what is supposed to go in the hostname space? ( or http//

  2. clod

    I prefer to use Codelobster to edit remote files by FTP

  3. Virtual100

    Using notepad++ I am unable to make a connection to my developmental linux server which sits next to my windows vista pc…Notepad++ says it is attempting to connect and then stops a second later and says it was unable to make the connection…everything appears to be configured correctly…basic ping tests show the two machines are communicating fine…i have read the instructions on many websites and have tried everything without success…several years ago I used a product called webuilder for coding and I was able to upload files to my server with no problem…I am thinking of moving to netbeans ide but I am reluctant because I don’t think I am ready for that yet. Thank you.

  4. ALHeffernan

    Thanks for posting this… it helped immensely!

  5. bishop

    This post really helped me. many thanks you are a supper star

  6. Steve Ford

    Dale, you need to type not I think. Does this work for you? Steve

  7. hey it’s working thanks for shared ..

  8. Jonathan

    how do you configure the ftp settings in the general settings?
    what needs to go where?

  9. ExoPop Adnetwork

    how i can connect mulitple ftp?

  10. Marc Louis


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