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Review: VLC App For Windows 8

VLC is well known media player we all have used at some time or other. The reason behind its popularity is the features it provided. The included shortcuts let us control the media play in a very easy manner, plus the sound and [...]

fotor 7

Fotor: Free Image Editing App For Windows 8.1

Not every image editor has to be Photoshop, but if you are looking for a quick, fun way to enhance your photos and add some unique and neat effects you should check out Fotor.  Fotor Image Editing App Fotor is [...]


Review: Alarms App for Windows 8.1

Last year, Microsoft pushed us the Windows 8.1 update to their first touch operating system and this update. In addition to some changes and fixes, this update also included some new features and built-in apps. One such is the Alarms [...]


Give your images Cool Photo Effects in Windows 8

Whenever we snap a picture, most of the time we would like it give it a cool shade to make it look better. In the old days, we had a popular name in our mind for photo editing, and that [...]

firefox app for windows 8

Mozilla Firefox app for Windows 8 – Review

Ever since I started browsing the Internet, Mozilla Firefox has always been my favorite browser of choice. I used it during the Windows XP days and I use it now, even on my  Windows 8.1. Well, the Firefox team is working on [...]


Fix: Weather App Creates Too Many Error Events

Windows Store Apps are the central charm of Windows 8. One such app is the Weather app and after the use of this app, we observed strange things on our Windows 8.1 Pro. Actually, when you use the Weather app, it creates [...]


Add Content to Reading List app in Windows 8.1

Reading List, one of the new apps seen on Windows 8.1 devices received a new update some days ago. Microsoft did not describe the app update in detail. It simply mentioned that the app now includes more bug fixes and performance related improvements [...]


Fix: Windows 8 apps take a long time to load

Some Windows 8 users are finding that their Windows 8 apps take a long time to load. Yet other Windows 8.1 users are finding that their Windows Store apps take forever to load, after updating to Windows 8.1. When you [...]

Mapping done

Importing Contacts from People App to Outlook 2013

In the first part, we learned how  to export contacts from People App as an .CSV file to your Desktop. This part deals with importing contacts to an Outlook account, which completes the process of migrating contacts from People App [...]


Migrating Contacts from Windows 8 People App to Outlook

It is a good practice to keep all contacts and emails in one place. That’s where Outlook from Microsoft finds its potent use. The application allows storing all emails, contacts, calendars, etc in one place in an organized fashion. However, [...]

Browser app for Windows 8

Trend Micro SmartSurfing browser app for Windows 8.1

While surfing the net, with your every click, your online security could potentially exposed to risk. The internet is flooded with threatening malware, hazardous downloads and fraudulent sites, which could compromise your internet security. That’s why we install powerful antivirus [...]

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