WinKey Shortcuts and how to create your own, in Windows 10/8/7

Many actions and commands that you perform with the mouse can also be performed using combinations of keys on your keyboard. And the keyboard is often faster if multiple mouse clicks are required.

WinKey Shortcuts

Here are some shortcuts using the Windows Key, or WinKey, that work in Windows. The WinKey is the key with the Windows logo shown on itand it is usually found between the Ctrl and Alt keys on your keyboard. These shortcuts are also known as Microsoft keyboard shortcuts. It is not necessary to capitalize the letter you press in combination with the WinKey.

I am listing below some of the more useful WinKey shortcuts below, for ready reference.

WinKeyOpen and close the Start Screen or Start Menu

WinKey + C : Open Charms bar

WinKey + D :  Minimize all windows to the desktop. Press again to reverse action

WinKey + E :  Open Computer in Windows File Explorer

WinKey + L :  Lock the computer

WinKey + F :  Open the Search window to find files and folders

WinKey + M :  Minimize all windows

WinKey + Shift + M :  Maxmize all windows after minimizing them

WinKey + R :  Open the Run dialog box

WinKey + X :  Open Windows Mobility Center

WinKey + U :  Open Ease Of Access Center

WinKey + Pause :  Opens the Systems Properties dialog box

WinKey + F1 :  Opens Windows Help & Support

WinKey + B :  Sets focus on the Task bar, Allows navigation using arrow keys; opens applications on pressing Enter key.

You can see the huge list of keyboard shortcuts including WinKey shortcuts for Windows 8 here at Microsoft.

Create Your Own WinKey Shortcuts

Apart from the standard WinKey shortcuts available to you in Windows, you can also create your own special WinKey shortcuts. To do so, you will have to use this freeware application.

Copernic WinKey was a nifty freewarebut t appears to have discontinued. But you can now check out WinHotKey. It assigns system-wide hotkeys and will let you launch an application, document, folder. HotKey combinations typically include the Windows key, a letter or number and a combination of Alt, Ctrl, Shift keys.


You can download WinHotKey from here and create your own hotkeys.

If you wish, you can also disable the Windows key.

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