CTRL commands or keyboard shortcuts for Windows computer

The Control or Ctrl key is normally found in the bottom left and right  corners of any keyboard in a Windows computer. When used in combination with other keys, it can perform many useful functions.

For instance in Windows 8.1, when you click Ctrl + Alt + Delete together, you are presented with a screen with the following options: Lock this computer, Switch User, Log Off, Change a password and Task Manager.

CTRL commands or keyboard shortcuts

CTRL commands in Windows

The Ctrl key keyboard shortcuts may perform a function in a browser and maybe another in a word processor. Let us have a look at some of the important one’s.

Ctrl+A : Select All objects

Ctrl+B : Bold highlighted text

Ctrl+C : Copy selected objects

Ctrl+D : Bookmark open web page

Ctrl+E : Center text

Ctrl+F : Open Find window

Ctrl+G : Open Favorites sidebar in IE. Opens Find and Replace in Word

Ctrl+H : Open Find and Replace in Microsoft Word.

Ctrl+I : Make text Italics

Ctrl+J : Opens View downloads in IE browsers

Ctrl+K : Create hyperlink for selected text in Word

Ctrl+L : Select address in address bar in browser. Left align text in Word

Ctrl+M : Indent selected text in word processors

Ctrl+N : Create New instance of the document or program

Ctrl+O : Open a new file

Ctrl+P : Open print window

Ctrl+R : Reload page in browser. Right align text in Word

Ctrl+S : Save document

Ctrl+T : Create a new tab in IE

Ctrl+U : Underline selected text

Ctrl+V : Paste copied objects

Ctrl+W : Close tab in IE or Word document

Ctrl+X : Cut selected object

Ctrl+Y : Redo the ‘Undo’ action.

Ctrl+Z : Undo any action

Ctrl+Esc : Open Start Screen or Start Menu

Ctrl+Tab : Switch to the next child window of a Multiple Document Interface (MDI) program

Ctrl+Shift+Esc    : Opens Task Manager in Windows 8

Ctrl+WinKey+F  : Opens Find computer box

Ctrl+Alt+Del       : Opens screen to Lock, Switch users, etc.

Let me know if I have erred somewhere or missed out something.

Want more? Take a look at the complete list of Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 10.

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  1. I dunno if it work in IE, but i really like Ctrl+Shift+T, it will open last (accidentally) closed tab in browser.

  2. Leonel Castellano

    The select all command in Spanish Windows versions is CTRL + A. Some commands change with the language.

  3. Kero Kero

    Shift+ctrl+n = new folder

  4. “Ctrl+Shift+Esc : Opens Task Manager in Windows 8”

    this command not only work on windows 8, but xp,vista,7 too(tested)

  5. Jessy2014

    Ctrl+H = Open history.

  6. Preston Gourley

    window not folder

  7. Wil Justin


    Opens Incognito window (Whatever you search up, it’s not in your history).


    Exits you out of window. Same as cntrl+W

  8. Jason Hagen

    I have a problem. I have touched Some keys on my keyboard. But now is my screen grey drom collor. And i can’t Find the comand to do iT back in normal? Can any body help my?

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