ConfigFox: Easily configure and tweak Firefox about:config settings

All Firefox users are aware of the fact that Firefox being an open source software is customizable to a very good extent – in fact you can control even the minor as well as major functionalities. But to do all this we need to access the ‘about:config’ page on the browser window which I must tell you is very user unfriendly and hard to manage. We have a already taken a look at some of the useful Firefox about:config tweaks, – but a freeware tool called ConfigFox lets you tweak Firefox easily from a simple UI. THis tool lets you manage the unmanageable settings in an efficient and user-friendly way, it brings you all hidden and advanced configurations nicely grouped for ease.

Tool to tweak Firefox about:config settings


For using ConfigFox, of course you need to have Firefox installed on your computer or the program will throw errors. ConfigFox comes with a collection of useful Firefox settings that are disabled by default, all these settings can be modified using the software. The settings include a few from these categories:

  • Startup
  • Auto Updates
  • Privacy
  • Location bar, search, auto suggestions, history
  • Cache
  • SSL, OCSP, Certs, Encryption, http
  • Plugins
  • Media, Camera
  • JavaScript and DOM
  • Leaks, Fingerprinting, security,dev tools
  • Tweaks

The best part of the software is that you can even add a setting of your choice manually but to do that you need to have knowledge about preference strings of Firefox and user.js files created by Firefox. On the first run ConfigFox, would show you the configurations for default profile, you can easily switch profiles by going to ‘File’ and then ‘Open Profile’. You can even create new profiles and run Firefox under those profiles. Profiles come handy when you want different sets of configurations for different activities.

ConfigFox comes with an inbuilt capability of backing up and restoring your data, you can easily export the ‘user.js’ file which is responsible for handling all the configurations. ConfigFox comes with additional three inbuilt tools, namely:

  • Vacuum SQLite databases: clean .sqlite files in your profile folder reducing file size
  • Defrag profile folder: defrag the profile folder for a better performance (HDD only)
  • Backup Profile: compress the whole profile into inside the profile folder

Overall ConfigFox is an outstanding utility with amazing features. It comes with a very good collection of configurations and the ability to manually add configurations never lets you feel out of customization. The UI is nice and easy to operate and the topping of inbuilt features like backup and defrag makes the software worth the download. ConfigFox is a portable utility and requires no installation.

ConfigFox free download

Click here to download ConfigFox for your Windows PC.

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