How to use multiple Download folders in Firefox or Chrome

Everyday web users download reams of files, pictures, videos and other online contents from the remote systems like web servers. Basically, these files are downloaded to the local storage in the personal computer like the download panel for later use. All the major web browsers including Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome use only one Download folder where users can track all the downloaded web content at a single place.

In this scenario, If you wish to organize the downloaded files to a separate folder then probably you need to manually change the folder location for every file each time you download from the web server. Apart from this, there are tools like the Download Managers that help in managing and accessing files. They allow users to download large files like application and multimedia files easily at super fast speed. Additionally, Download Manager enables you to suspend active downloads or resume downloads that have failed. Moreover, It offers an easy-to-use interface and displays the status of downloads. But what if you don’t want to install tools like Download Manages? Well, then, you may want to use other alternatives like a browser add-ons called Save In. These add-ons are available for both Firefox and Chrome.

Use multiple download folders in Firefox or Chrome

Save In is a browser addon that lets users segregate image downloaded from other files and video downloads. The users can save the downloaded media contents like an image, videos, selection page, audio, etc. to a user-defined directory instead of a default single download folder. The addons let the user save files into directories that are named dynamically. Additionally Save In allows flexible renaming of the downloads, versatile routings and provides an option to save content as shortcuts. Save In is extremely helpful for users who have loads of content to download and segregate them across different directories. Moreover, the Save In plugin supports dynamic downloads that feature two new options for the files to download. It allows to rename the files downloaded automatically and also it reroutes the download location contrast to the regular downloads. The following steps will guide in using the Addon.

Once you have installed the addon, activate it.

Now, whenever you want to download a file from the web, right-click on the files you want to download. From the context menu click on Save In.

How to use multiple Download folders in Firefox or Chrome

Choose the folder you want to download to from the drop-down menu.

If you want to create a different download folder follow these steps-

Open the browser and Click on the Save In extension.

Go to Options.

Type the new name of the folder you wish to create inside the download location.

If you want to rename the folder follow the below steps,

Click on the Save In Extension.

Go to Options.

Rename the folder inside the download location.

In general, the web extension API allows saving files to the default download folder only. If you wish to save files outside the default download directory, you probably need to use Symlink.

The Symbolic link is basically a link pointing to the folder or file. In this case, a symbolic link is created for an individual file or folder, and eventually, that particular link will appear same as the file or folder to Windows. The symlink is used to bypass the restrictions in order to overcome this limitation.While the setup is complicated initially due to Web Extension limitations, it is significantly worth a try. The following steps will guide you in doing so:

Open an elevated Command Prompt.

To create new symbolic link Run the command:

mklink /D C:pathToSymlinkIn Default Download Directory d:\newPath

Repeat this for any save location that is added to the extension’s options.

Now select the available additional download location to save files directory to folders.

Download Save In browser extension

You can download the addon from the official website. For Firefox browser add the extension hereChrome users can download the extension here.

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  1. Mezzina Francesco

    Firefox is faster than Chrome now!

  2. Farmers (Mansfield)

    Fascinating idea. I don’t use Chrome primarily because it doesn’t have the Save/Open option in the download manager that other browsers offer, and I need to choose on a download by download basis. It would be fascinating if the savein extension could be configured to give a download choice that goes into a temporary location and then always opens the file when finished, thus replicating what the ‘open’ option in other browsers does.

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