ZHPCleaner is a software to remove Browser Hijackers & restore Proxy settings


  1. Hello Chris! As mentioned in the post the app requires no installation. Moreover, it requires active internet connection to work. You can simply remove the shortcut from your Desktop screen.

  2. It offers to click the detected stuffs with right-click for more details, but the details are in french, another thing, watchout when it ask about the server because it detects your ISP servers as proxy somehow and if you are not aware of it you may answer “No” to the question and wreck havoc. Overall is excellent if you know what you are doing.

  3. You need to use caution when using this. While you can uncheck any items that you don’t want to be removed, you actually need to check on Validate to save any changes you’ve made, or, ZHPCleaner will remove everything it has detected. You need to press the Validate button on every results tab that you have made changes on.

    Another big problem, is that selecting the close button on the Repair screen actually does a repair, the same as pressing the repair button. It does not exit with no changes being performed as you would think. I found out the hard way. I unchecked everything that had been detected and then clicked on the close button, and still everything was deleted. Using the cancel button to restore the files form quarantine, did not work, and I had to restore my system from a backup to get back all of the files and registry keys which were deleted.

    @@happyandyk:disqus, perhaps you should put a caution note in this article, as it’s all to easy to to delete everything, rather than just what you want deleted. This is particular problem since most of the what is detected will not usually be harmful, but will be PUPs (potentially unwanted programs), which some people will want to keep.

  4. The post already says – Before you decide to remove any entries, you must always go through the list and remove the entries only when you are sure that you want to. But I will add the word Caution to. Thanks.

  5. Yes, the post says that. But there are two important things to consider:

    If you click on the close window button in the repair screen, insted of just exiting the repair screen like it should, everything that’s selected gets deleted, just the same as if you clicked on Repair.

    Secondly, you need to click on Validate to apply any selections you have made, otherwise it will act as if everything snigle item is still checked for deletion.

    Say for example, if you decided you didn’t want anything at all to be deleted, you would need to manually go to every results tab one by one, and each time click on Uncheck (to uncheck everything) and then click on Validate. Otherwise, even if you just click on the close button, everything will be deleted!

    Other similar software like AdwCleaner, will just exit and do nothing if you click on the close button, and don’t require you validate any changes you’ve made.

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