Your PC’s CPU isn’t compatible with Windows 10/8 – Error explained


  1. Oh, super! So now they don’t only want you to buy the new OS but also get a new computer to run it? Did they learn nothing from disasters like ME and Vista? Or are they so utterly wrapped up in their ivory tower now as to give not a damn about what anyone thinks of their little pet project?

  2. @Myothernamesagoodone:disqus your reaction may be more extreme than necessary. For this particular processor capability, Intel added it as far back as the P4 because AMD was already implementing it in their processors. Most users running XP today have the capability and I would venture to say that anyone running hardware that pre-dates this feature being the norm is not likely to be paying for an operating system upgrade.

  3. Technology goes forward tho’ doesn’t it?It wouldn’t change much obviously otherwise.U wouldn’t expect a biplane to go to the moon for instance

  4. That’s fine if they market W8 as an alternative OS for new(er) computers rather than a replacement for W7. Nothing suggests that that’s the intention however.

  5. I am sorry to say but your explination is not compleet. The error can come on even a faily new CPU (Intel Core 2 Duo E6750) which is fulfilling all requirements (veryfied by Coreinfo.exe). I am unable to find out what is the reason for that incompatibility

  6. Hi, Vasudev,

    did I understood you correctly, that the proposed workaround is, to boot into setup from DVD / USB Stick?

    I thought, this is the standard procedure…

    I am still having an error then: “your computer needs to be repaired…”

    It is confirmed, that my pentium-M 745 has no PAE.

  7. even i do have a intel dual core processor and it is still showing the same error again and again, what is the resolution for that ……????

  8. I have a problem with coreinfo.exe because the display is transient and does not allow me to read it – is this common?
    According to the BIOS display, I have NX enabled and hence my reading of the above is that PAE and SSE2 should be too.
    But I have found that the ability to navigate the BIOS screens seems to be failing and perhaps this is affecting Windows 8 although it has not affected the normal operation of Windows vista – perhaps a new battery will be called for!

  9. Please someone help me i have a Pentium D 945 3.4 GHz, Coreinfo shows that my PC supports VT-x and Hyper Threading i was like WTF, But then some one told me Coreinfo had wrong information for my CPU, Please someone confirm if my PC supports NX Bit, PAE…………SSE2 is enabled because CPU Z shows it is.

  10. move it to your root (C or D or whatever drive letter-the default OS partition), then open up cmd, type cd C: and then type coreinfo

  11. I have not used coreinfo, but maybe create a small batch to send the information to text file. just one line in the .bat file should succeed:

  12. you have 5 paragraphs under subheading “workaround”
    If I understand, then the 3rd paragraph implies that the workaround to avoid the nx/xd check is to use “commercial installer” setup.exe

  13. Hi,
    In the post you say, “If your CPU does not support NX you will see a code 5D bluescreen before setup starts. This is rare, but if it happens we won’t be able to help you run Windows 8.”

    But we has problem that windows installer starts and install windows, but after installation when it are finished installing and windows restarts the computer, then we get this 5D error. And text saying we have to use power bottom to restart the pc.

  14. This works Thanks . The results show the CPU supports SSE2 but I still cannot update chrome.

  15. According to Coreinfo and CPU-Z my processor supports PAE/NX/SSE2. I checked in bios that EDB is enabled but Unfortunately I still get error message that my processor is not supported. I have Intel Core I5 – 2500 CPU with 4Gb Ram and Win 7 OS. It looks like Microsoft wants me to migrate to Apple OS

  16. They are driving me to linux! This NX bit is unnecesary and an obstacle to upgrading! I have seven computers that I have built myself and am not going to upgrade the motherboards and processors for all of them to run windows 10. Those that say “upgrade” hardware are nuts!
    It is all about manipulation and arrogance not intelligence!

  17. Everything checks out on my Windows 7 computer. I’ve run Coreinfo and PAE/NX/SSE2 are all Supported, yet I continue to get the Error “Windows 10 can’t be installed on this computer” Why?

  18. Mine is the same PAE/NX/SSE2 are all supported but get windows 10 app still is saying it doesn’t support my cpu.

  19. I agree totally Myothername. The issue is they give people a screwed up bunch of crap instructions to check their pc’s to see if they can upgrade, Well why don’t MS hire some techs to do that for us? Can anyone out their picture a 70 to 80 year old man or woman trying to follow those instructions? Your exactly right Myothername. MS wants people to say,, the hect with it and buy a new pc. Well I am going to buy a new pc alright,, but it’s going to be a MAC PRO BOOK. I don’t care if MAC is more money or not. At least I won’t have to deal with this crap. I am all done with Microsoft Bullshit and putting more money in Bill Gates pockets. SHAME on him. Although, I don’t have to do nothing but watch. GOD will take care of BILL GATES

  20. is it possible to take the win7 disk from the non-NX machine to a NX-compatible machine and then perform the upgrade on the disk+OS. then return the win8 or win 10 upgraded disk back to the original machine. ok the machine still won’t support NX but will it run????? (I daren’t try this!!!)

  21. If none of this helped you, you can always try running “bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOn” in elevated console and restarting.

  22. THX, this help me to see my NX was disabled and why i cant install the HAXM software to install RemixOS player, greetings !

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