Change Document Background Color & Add Drop Caps In Office Word 2013

We often, we do not require to print a Word document with background colors and images. However, on special occasions such as while creating an event we may feel the need to do so. Today, we learn to create a custom background for our word document. We will also see later, in the remainder of the post the method for adding Drop Caps in Word 2013.

Change Word Document Background Color

To begin, click on the ‘Design’ menu of your current Word document. Then, click on ‘Page Color’ and choose the color of your choice.


Now, you will observe the background of your current Word document is transformed to the color of your choice.

Next, modify other settings if you want print in colorful background of word documents.

To do so, choose the File menu. From the drop-down menu that appears on your computer screen choose  ‘Options’.


Next, select the ‘Display’ menu from the left menu options.


Finally, look for Printing Options section. When found, check the box nearby this option – Print background colors and images.

Print options

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You are ready to take the print out!

Add Drop Caps in Word 2013

You can also add Drop Caps in Word 2013 for paragraphs and chapters. Here’s how!

Open any Word document and click on ‘Insert’ tab.

Insert options

Now, from the Ribbon menu, select the ‘Drop Cap’ option, just below the Word Art option as shown in the screen-shot below.


Next, from the available designs, choose the one you would like to apply to your word document.

When done, add the selected ‘Drop Cap’ to the desired paragraph. After selecting a drop cap word automatically add it to the selected paragraph.


If required, adjust the size of the drop cap using its side corners.

Drop Resize

If you would like to drop the idea of adding Drop Cap, you could do so by simply selecting ‘None’ from the Drop Cap options.

Drop Drop option

That’s it!

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