WinSxS folder cleanup in Windows 10/8.1/8


  1. I would cast doubt if StartComponentCleanup (method 1) or Windows Update Cleanup (method 3) actually does the same thing. It would seem to me that Windows Update Cleanup only cleans up the files in the “ServicePackFiles” folder. Is it true?

  2. Thank you for the post! I run win8 and did everything suggested here yet my winsxs is still 15gb and my 60gb ssd is not pleased with windows folder now being 43gb. I’ve killed page file and disabled hibernation and system protection yet nothing seems to help – if you have any ideas and feel inspired please help.

  3. Running “DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /AnalyzeComponentStore” it recommended a Cleanup (and it listed 3.22 GB of Backups and disabled features) therefore ran “DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup” The result was WinSxS increased by 0.01 GB (10 MB) and C: free space decreased by 0.42 GB (420 MB) to 4.75 GB, so there was no benefit on this 32 GB SSD machine with Windows 8.1 and Hibernation and Restore turned off, a two-month-old machine which started with over 10 GB free and which has less than 2 GB of added program and user files; so somehow at least 3 GB has gone missing somewhere.

  4. If your re-set boot media uses WinSxS to re-install windows components then id assume if you where to ever do a restore it would require less updates, as that extra space is holding newer files? (theory depends on how the oem restore is set up by the manufacture) But that lost space may save on windows updates bandwidth after a full system reset. I have not looked that much into win7 or win8 oem restore set ups (so what im saying is just a theory) but experience on xp oem systems makes me thing it could be plausible. All depends on how much of the OS is located in the recovery partition 😉

  5. It is maybee a silly Question, but is there a way to upgrade Windows 7 Component Store to its 8 or 8.1 equivalent? –> Would like to have the full cleaning possibilities when removing packages and old stuff.

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