Windows could not finish configuring the system

While installing or settingup various editions and versions of Windows operating systems, the computer is prone to be throwing various errors. One such error is Windows could not finish configuring the system error. The full error is-

Windows could not finish configuring the system.  To attempt to resume configuration, restart the computer.

Windows could not finish configuring the system

This error occurs on Windows 10/8/7 and Windows Server operating systems and pops up during the sysprep phase. It is caused due to the operating system containing a Registry key larger than 8 kilobytes.

Windows could not finish configuring the system

To get rid of Windows could not finish configuring the system error, we have only a one fix, and that has been proven to be highly effective.

While running Windows Setup, when the message appears on your screen, press Shift+F10 to open the Command Prompt.

Run Command Prompt as Administrator and execute the following commands one after the other:

cd oobe

This will open the oobe directory and then boot into the Windows operating system OOBE or Out-Of-Box-Experience. It will bring you down to the Set up Windows screen.

You will have to choose your Country or Region, Time and currency, Keyboard layout.

Once done, select Next.

Now, you will have to go with the flow in setting up your computer by entering your User name, password, acknowledgment to the License terms, set up Windows Updates (older than Windows 10), set up Date and Time, etc.

Finally, when you are done, you need to reboot your computer.

If it does not reboot, you need to Press and hold the Power button on your CPU until it goes off too. This is called as performing a Cold Boot.

Turn on your computer normally now and check if that fixed your issue.

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