How does Windows 10 licensing status change with changes in hardware configuration


  1. I actually bought a brand new machine and used my old Windows 8 key to install Windows 8,1 pro (as it only came with Windows 8.1 home) – This was a pain in it’s self because the Windows product key is embedded in the BIOS. Anyway, Windows 10 would not install, always got stuck at 32% (6% Features and Drivers). Anyway, In the end I had to download the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool, create a bootable USB version and generate a GenuineTicket.xml file using the gatherosstate.exe file on the USB stick. Then install Windows 10 Pro (skip entering the product key) and then copy the GenuineTicket.xml to the C:ProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsClipSVCGenuineTicket folder. Reboot and Windows is activated. It solves many problems for new hardware and install issues due to changed hardware too.

    Microsoft Acknowledge this workaround, and it only works with your own computer, so it can’t be used for piracy. But it was a very cool way to get Windows reinstalled, when there was no hope.

  2. I own win 7 pro and upgraded my motherboard in the past. I only needed to call Microsoft to get activated. But since I upgraded from win 7 pro to win 10 pro I’m wondering if I can get my motherboard upgraded again and get windows activated once again! But since I won’t be upgrading soon this would be interesting for the when the times comes. But to be sure I’ll be saving extra money for this and if it works I’ll probably buy a extra ssd’s or something.

  3. but still a little vague. i upgraded from win7 to win 10 so the licence would be tied to my win7 key and motherboard. how could i get my win 10 genuine with a new motherboard at clean install. i don’t want to install win7 before i install win 10 on a new machine..

  4. Odd thing
    Dell 8900 with a home up grade Nividia Quatra 5000 GPU. After a while of less then expected performance it was afflicted with a “Flashing Screen” at a less then 1/sec rate that made all usual attempts to fix ineffective. Dell support sent Tech to my home to replace MOBO . In process reinstalled original GPU and “Flashing Screen” continued. Job accomplished tech left me in that state as his work order was fulfilled. I reinstalled my Nividia Quatra 5000 GPU, reset the PC losing all installed AutoDesk apps and got it all to work again, reinstalled all my Apps then noticed the “Product Key” reported by the machine did not match the the key on the docs the tech left behind with the job. Unfortunately I did not record the original key from purchase nor was there any docs or stickers on the machine or in the box at time of purchase from Costco

    Question is:
    1: Did I get a new MOBO (as I was not present during repair) as I am led to believe that the key is specific to the MOBO
    2: Whats up with the Official Dell Key left behind by the Tech
    3: It now works (not sure if that has anything to do with Dell support) and it shows “Windows 10 Home” is active.
    4: Have a fog of questions but to ignorant to form them but mainly about the status of my Win 10 License on the machine and in the sealed plastic bag left behind.

    It all seems pretty fishy. I seem to have dealt with sincere people working from a script rather then anyone with knowledge but this discrepancy leaves me ODD.

  5. Hi,
    I can´t find any info if I only change my CPU?
    Will it work or will it give me problem?
    I have Win 10 Pro installed
    Br, Zoltrix

  6. you can change cpu anytime. os is tied to the motherboard. i upgraded my cpu 3 times now with no issues.

  7. I built a new PC and bought a brand new Windows 10 Home OS, after intalling it on the first day, it was all fine, but on the second day when I booted up the PC, it says that I don’t have my windows active.
    Went to Settings>Update & security>Activation>Troubleshoot and my Windows account has detected my laptop (which has an active windows) it has the option to let me activate this PC as “I recently changed hardware on this device”
    So the question is:
    1- If I reactivate this PC as, per say, new hardware, will it de activate my laptop?
    2- why did my PC deactivate overnight?

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