Windows 10 crashes after waking up from Sleep

If one of the recent updates or upgrade to Windows 10 PC results in getting a Blue Screen as soon as you wake it from Sleep, then it’s a clear case that your driver is causing an issue. In a situation like these, if you immediately wake up your PC, you will not have any problem, but if you leave it for a while, you won’t see the login screen, but instead a BSOD. This post will fix the issue of your Windows 10 crashing after it resumes from Sleep.

Windows 10 crashes after waking up from Sleep

Roll back Graphics Driver

As I said, the problem is because of the Graphics drivers. If the recent update has updated your graphics driver with a new version, you will need to rollback the driver. Since the sleep function in Windows is tied closely to your graphics card driver, we need to fix it.

Windows 10 crashes after waking up from Sleep

  • Open Device Manager (WIN key + X + M)
  • Expand the Display Adapters Section
  • Right click on the graphics card and select Properties
  • On the Driver Tab, choose ‘Roll Back Driver’
  • Restart your PC.

If that does not resolve the issue, go to the support page for your device on the manufacturer’s website, then download and install the old version of the drive, and see if that resolves the issue.

Completely Remove Graphics Driver using DDU

If this installation of old driver and rollback is not working for you, you will need to completely remove the driver using DDU or Display Driver Installer. It’s a third party uninstaller which can remove all the traces of driver form the system including registry keys. Once you have removed all the drivers, install a fresh copy of the driver, and it should resolve the issue.

DDU Completely remove display driver

Once you have downloaded DDU, boot into Safe Mode.

Launch the program, and it will automatically detect your graphics driver.

You should either select-

  • Remove GeForce Experience display driver installer cache and files, or
  • Clean and Restart

If you can access the DUMP files on your PC, you should see a warning–Unable to verify timestamp for nvlddmkm.sys– which is caused because even though the graphics module is completed, but symbols are not loaded for nvlddmkm.sys. This is also related with  VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE. Stop Error.

Hope this helps to fix the BSOD problem you face everytime you wake up your Windows 10 PC from Sleep.

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