Winamp alternatives for Windows 10/8/7

Winamp has been one of the most popular media players since 1997, but now when the company has announced its shutdown, music lovers have to look for some good Winamp alternatives. Winamp although has amassed a huge following since its inception, but the era is now coming to an end. The shutdown however won’t have an instant effect on Winamp installations on your computer systems and the Winamp Media Player will work fine even after December 20, 2013, but there won’t be any more updates or bug fixes. In that case it is better to look for some Winamp alternatives instead.

Winamp alternatives

We’ve tried to round up the best of the rest – the 5 best alternatives for Winamp on your Windows PC. Here is the list:

1.     MusicBeeWinamp alternatives musicbee

If you want to keep your large music library well-organized, MusicBee can be your best alternative for Winamp. It allows you to view your entire music library with a categorization of tracks, albums, artists etc. It is one of the most lightweight yet customizable web music services which allow u to organize and play music files on your Windows PC and on the web. You can tag and add metadata to your songs, manage your podcasts & library, and rip CDs with MusicBee. You can also add songs to your library from CDs; create your playlist and your own personalized look with its built-in skins.

MusicBee is a perfect blend of features and usability and is best known for its simple interface. It supports all major music formats as well as their conversions. A unique feature Auto DJ in MusicBee allows you to populate the ‘Now Playing’ queue. Furthermore, you can stream Auto DJ to and add new music to your playlist. MusicBee also supports syncing to mobile devices and with its different features; it seems to be a perfect alternative to Winamp. Download it here.

2.     MediaMonkeymediamonkey

MediaMonkey proclaims itself to be “the media organizer for serious collectors”, which is true to a great extent. It manages more than 100,000 music and video files systematically. Like MusicBee and many other media players, MediaMonkey also allows users to create playlists and let Auto-DJ & Party Mode manage your playlists in your parties.

It plays almost every popular music format, and the best part is that you need to worry about the varying volume here. You can sync it with your iPods, iPhones, and other MP3 players. MediaMoney allows you to convert MP3s, MP4, M4A, FLAC, OGG, WMA, WMV and AVI and to support most devices. Downloading music/movies and podcasts, recording CDs, automatically tag Album Art and other metadata is a breeze if you use it. Download it here.

3.     AIMPaimp

AIMP is again one of the very popular media players over the web. With AIMP you’ll get all the basic features which you can expect in a good media player. It supports 32-bit digital media audio and more than 20 popular music formats. Furthermore, you can covert the music files in different formats too.

AIMP is best known for its simple and clean interface. The professional design and simple to navigate command buttons makes it an easy-to-use media player. You can play CDs and add your MP3 files to AIMP media player simply using its standard control buttons. It also offers the auto shutdown feature allowing users to customize the shut down the running program. AIMP is a freeware and comes with a fascinating feature for recording online radio. It comes as a compressed folder and lands on your computer system within no time. Download it here.

4.     VLCVLC

VLC is another media player which can serve as an alternative to Winamp after its shutdown. VLC has managed to top the competition for years. It is an easy to use media player and also gets installed in minutes. It is a highly portable multimedia player and supports various audio and video formats including DivX, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MP3, and OGG. VLC media player also supports VCDs, DVDs and various other stream protocols. If you are using a high-bandwidth network, you can also use it as a server for multicast streams.

5.     Foobar2000FOOBAR2000

You can also consider Foobar2000 as an alternative to Winamp as it has almost every feature one may look in a good media player. It is compatible with all the available Windows versions. This simple and lightweight media player has many options for customizing its looks and options. The media player is system friendly and handles the system resources well very.

It includes all the standard features of a media player and moreover you can improve its functionality with the help of certain plugins. Foobar2000 supports Audio CDs ripping as well as transcoding and its Converter component plays almost all the major audio files formats. Download it here.

There are more:

  • QMMP is an alternative to WinAmp to playback audio
  • Audacious is free Multi-tab Music Player with a Winamp like interface
  • Webamp online music player looks like the popular Winamp.

Each of these applications has much to offer Winamp users. They are all worth checking out if you need to migrate from Winamp to something else.

Go here to check out some more Media Player alternatives.

Let us know if you have any recommendations.

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  1. Dave

    You forgot COWON JetAudio Basic (it’s free) I have been using the paid version for years with NO troubles. It works great on Windows 7/8/8.1

  2. Alex

    You forgot Windows Media Player. I’m using it everyday to play music, no problems. And because I’m on Vista it’s beautiful, gorgeous and cool too 🙂

  3. Toph

    For me, Media Player Classic is the best player I’ve tried so far. MPC comes with the most complete codec pack, KLite. It supports all audio, video and image formats.

    If you’re looking for a fancy player, KLite is not for you. But if you want a fast and powerful player, look no further. I’ve registered all audio and video file types with KLite/MPC as well as animated GIFs and SWF files.

  4. André

    quintessential and xmplay are great alternative. But i think it’s not mandatory to stop using Winamp.

  5. Adam

    foobar 2000 is what i use now , it is highly customizable and very low on taking up pc usage. i highly recommend everyone to at least try foobar2000.

  6. Taph

    Media Player Classic Home Cinema for video files and XMPlay for audio files. I ditched Winamp a long time ago when it started to get bloatware and heavy.


    which player supports all sound enhancing plug ins had at winamp ?

  8. Chris Blachewicz

    Paid version… for mp3 player… basing its profits on a ‘pro’ version is what got Winamp into bankrupcy. Nobody wants to pay for an mp3 player in the XXI century.

  9. JM

    Winamp forever…. don´t have substitute…..

  10. Sterling Archer

    AIMP, MusicBee, and VLC are all TERRIBLE. I’m dumbfounded as to how AIMP doesn’t play video files.

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