Create and edit Playlist or Radio Station on Groove Music on Windows 10

The renamed and reworked Xbox Music App on Windows 10 was reborn as Groove Music app. Like other well-known and popular streaming services, Groove Music lets a user subscribe to unlimited on-demand songs at an affordable rate – $9.99 per month, with a Groove Music Pass. Besides, if a user is not interested in paying for the subscription, he can still upload music files to Microsoft’s own OneDrive service to have them available for playing in Groove.

We have already covered in our earlier tutorial how to add Music to Groove Music App on Windows 10. In this post we walk you through the process of editing a radio station and creating or editing playlist on Groove Music on Windows 10.

groove music app

Create a radio station on Groove Music app

A radio station is one-stop solution for you to enjoy free music. Groove Music App allows you to create a customized, streaming playlist of songs based on an artist’s name that you enter.

For creating a radio station, Start the Groove app. Now, from any artist page on on the web, click on Start radio to begin listening. The station will instantly start playing  a track by your chosen artist before moving on to other similar bands and singers.

Create a playlist on Groove app

Start the Groove app. On the left side, click on the ‘New playlist’ option visible.

Edit/Create Playlist in Groove Music App

Enter a name, and then chose Save.

playlist save

Next, move the cursor towards the left side and click Collection.

Select the album of your choice, right-click and add the song to the playlist you desire. As of date, you can add up to 1000 songs to the playlist. If at any point, you wish to change the order of songs on a playlist, press and hold a song (or right-click to “grab” it), and then drag it to the position you want.

Remove music from a Groove playlist

Select a playlist in Groove.

Next, right-click a song and select ‘Remove from playlist’ option visible at the bottom of the screen.


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  1. Corey Woodward

    Why is it all the websites I go to say add as many songs as you want to a playlist when it is limited to 1000??

  2. 101039

    This will sound like an elementary question or questions: 1. I want to ensure that I did not somehow accidentally enroll in the groove pass program at $9.99 per do I do that? 2. Is there any charge for making a playlist? Thanks….

  3. snowbear416

    I don’t want to ‘subscribe to unlimited on-demand songs at an affordable rate’. I already have 100,000 songs in my hard drive and I don’t need some flipping device stream (commercial) music to me. What id like is to simply play the music off my hard drive though Windows devices. Its my music on my had drive. Why does Windows expect me to pay for this? real question (is there a way to play my music through windows devices?, specifically I’m talking about Forza Horizon 3 and if not, when will this option be available?)

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